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Goodbye Arthur ...

Just heard that Arthur C Clarke passed away at an impossibly ripe age. An iconic Sci-Fi writer whose books helped inspire the space race, this man has been a legend of technological fictional narrative becoming reality in his own lifetime.

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Thankyou Speakercraft

A very big plaudit please for the gifts of Jeremy Burkhardt and his colleagues of Speakercraft. These chaps have been in Australia recently and I reckon will have soley been responsible for lifting the local custom install game

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just in case you thought the earth was flat ...

a very nice clip of Earthrise over the moon taken by HDTV camera on board the Japanese Kaguya Spacecraft currently orbiting the moon at an altitude of 100km...
Blue Earthrise

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Mission is back ... again ...

We are pleased to note that our friends at Synergy Audio Visual are the new agents for Mission loudspeakers in Australia. This means that we can once again promote the Elegante Series (gloss graphite rounded pillars that look fantastic in a modern room)and our NXT favourites the M-Cube (suede finished 9cm cubes with fantastic SPL and dispersion characteristics).

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Rabs naked head shave day ...

On the 24th May Rab, Angela and his daughter Reidun shaved their hairy heads to raise money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.Thanks to our friends in the business it raised $5500 for Cancer Research.

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Old joke ...

An Irishman in England, fed up with anti-Irish jokes, starts taking English elocution lessons. After a few successful weekshe goes to the shops to try it out. “I'll have an Observer, a Telegraph and a Times, please Sir, he says to the shop-keeper.

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    The Dolby Atmos room was fired up for the first time this evening...
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    HiFi: The last bastion of misogynism?
    It’s a sad set of facts, and peculiar at that, that the overwhelming majority of high end HiFi customers and floor staff are male...

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