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Does your Turntable need some TLC? Bring it in on Saturday for a tune up, or trade it in on a new deck!

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Sonus Faber don't make speakers - they make some of the finest musical instruments on the planet.

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One of our major competencies is the design and installation of integrated audio visual systems allied to home automation technologies. Commonly we meet the client at the planning stage and oversee through to handover.

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  • Loewe Television Trade In offer .. up to $2000 on your old TV .. extended to August 31st

    There is a reason why Loewe Televisions exist. It's a question that people are very justified in asking as they are substantially more expensive than a regular Asian brand. 

    A simple answer is that Loewe Televisions are to other brands the in the same relationshop that BMW and Mercedes are to Hyundai and Great Wall. The reality is that there are actually greater differences in technological quality between a Loewe and those others than is evident in the automobile analogy.


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  • Bring us your old, your sick, your dead ...

    Each Saturday from now on we are having a session of Turntable tune and repair instore as a way to revive not only your old record player but also perhaps your flagging interest in a vinyl music collection corrupted by a faulty disc spinner. 

    One of the beauties of a turntable is that they are readily serviced with a few specialist tools and parts and reward a bit of TLC with far better sound and many years of life. In this fashion they are far more kindred to a good guitar or piano rather than a piece of consumer disposable electronics.

    We have manufacturer trained reps onsite from Project, Rega, Linn, and Ortofon. Should alas your old vinyl spinner be beyond reincarnation we can offer specials on upgrades to a new player.

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  • Audeze headphones now on demonstration in Carlton

    These Audeze LCD series are beautiful and carefully presented devices. Clearly something to be bought out on a special occasion and not simply bandied about on the morning commute. Unlike our beloved and incredibly good Oppo headphones the LCD series stand out with their wood and bamboo cases. It would be frankly pretentious to wear LCDs on the morning commute, indeed these bamboo and wood LCD 2 and LCD 3 are such good transducers that it seems churlish not to make a special time and a place to listen to them with a good wine to complement the experience.

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