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An ARCAM revelation...welcome the AVR360...

Arcam? Surround Receiver? Below $2000? With Dab+? You are kidding right?

We've been playing this instore through Monitor Audio Silver series loudspeakers and it has been particularly impressive with a forthright rich sonic character with excellent sound stage detachment from the speaker system when playing multi channel sound tracks.

The base spec comprises:

• High Performance 7.1 channel AV Receiver
• HDMI 1.4a compliant with ARC and CEC support
• 3D compatible video path
• High Performance video conversion / scaling
• 7x 75W power
• High-end Linear power supply with local sub-regulation
• Audio streaming from network or USB music
• Professional grade jitter reduction
• Automated setup
We took delivery of this receiever a week or so ago but I've only just had a chance to plug it in and have a listen. Brilliant. Arcam have greatly improved their user interface so it's right up there now alongside the best of the Japanese receivers. • Audiophile performance with music and movies

Arcam’s world-class reputation for audio and video electronics has been built over more than thirty years. Its approach to design and development has given rise to countless awards and industry accolades but, most importantly, joy to thousands of delighted owners. Using technology developed from the acclaimed AVR600 receiver and AV888 processor the AVR360 has been developed as a more affordable way to access Arcam’s legendary sound quality. It is designed to be the perfect home cinema receiver for a wide range of enthusiastic customers and custom designed home theatres.

The AVR360 has a rich feature list including compatibility with all the latest audio decoding formats.

Heres a review on YouTube by a solid Canadian AC DC loving stoner fellow:


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