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  • Cambridge Audio SR10 Stereo Receiver

    Wanted: Amplifier to drive moderately priced separates system - must have built in tuner and boatload of power. Looks not important, but a phono stage would be nice.

    I'm not sure what I would do if I came across something like the above in the personals section, but if I was in a charitable mood, I'd probably recommend they check out my single friend, the Cambridge Audio SR10. This isn't just a simple matter of ticking all the right boxes, the SR10 also has a lovely personality and is ready to settle down and make sweet music with you and your record collection. Why am I reading the personals section? None of your damn business.

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  • Cambridge SR20 - The full monty 100 Watts RMS Stereo Receiver

    The SR10 Stereo Receiver was the accidental lovechild of the Cambridge factory ... an old fashioned receiver that happened to sound good with its toroidal transformer and respectable phono stage. A leftover eighties design with remote control that sold hugely against the tier one market wisdom. While all their digital postcedants lingered on the shelves people kept buying the AM/FM SR10 more and more. So here is the big brother SR20! Learn More

  • Klipsch The Three..........Luxury stereo tabletop system with phono and pretty copper buttons

    Available to audition in our Lygon st showroom. This wonderful piece of enginering. It not only gorgeous. It produces a serious sound. Has Play-fi built in for high res streaming. As well as a phono. Just add a turntable and off you go. Learn More

  • Rotel RT-12 Network Tuner

    I was about to classify this product as a tuner, before I realised we don't really have a standalone tuner category anymore. But to call this product a tuner is like calling a swiss army knife a letter opener. Sure, it plays FM and DAB+, but the Ethernet socket on it posterior also opens you up to a world of digital possibilities, such as internet radio and uPNP streaming. Dropping on of these into your system will let you playback all your computerised audio right through your HiFi - just like all the cool kids are doing! Dont fret if your routers not near your HiFi - built in Wifi will take care of that. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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