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  • Oppo BD-103AU Blu Ray Player

    Really there is now nothing else at this price point that offers as good a fundamental mechanism as this product ... no one else offers the all conquering BDK mechanism for anything like this money. If you want a player that works unfailingly, has the quickest and most accessible start up time and will give superlative sound and excellent vision then this is without peer. Learn More


  • Oppo BDP103D - Darbee Edition Blu Ray and Universal Player

    This is the special edition of the much vaunted BD103 that includes the Darbee processing to give state of art video quality from a modestly priced but highly engineered player. Learn More

  • Denon BDT3313 Blu Ray Player

    Hunky ... that is the first thing you note when you unpack this. One always trusts kilograms in any thing to do with read write mechanisms and spinning discs. Equals more stability, less vibration, less jitter, fewer read errors, longer lasting. Learn More

  • Oppo BDP105D Blu Ray Player

    To be frank there is a dearth of very good Blu Ray Players ... The high water mark of the Denon DVD A1 and the Marantz UD9400 has not been achieved by the newer products. Rather the market place peaks out at about $1000 with very few to choose from above that.

    Learn More

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