RRP Pricelists

We've got a big inventory in our Carlton showroom - it's probably the most diverse collection of Hi-Fi you'll find anywhere in the country. Keeping all of that inventory up on the website is a challenge - we are generally quite busy helping match customers with their dream kit. So while we will continue to try to keep the website as up to date as we can, here's a collection of RRP price lists from some of our major brands. If you can't find an item listed on out website from a brand we carry, you can at least use these pages as a way to find out what it retails for.

Please note that while we will endeavor to keep these pricelists accurate, they are ofcourse subject to change. Please also note that these price lists are the manufacturers/distributors recommended retail pricing. It has always been Carlton Audio Visual policy to list the current RRP on our website. With the exception of specials, we tend not to offer discounted prices on our website. This is because we think that there is more to a price than just how much money you pay - we don't want to be a part of the race to the bottom that leaves no room to value the knowledge or experience gained by a proper Hi-Fi audition. Our customers know that when you shop with us, we will always try to give them the best possible price we can on an item, while maintaining a fair margin. In other words, arms can be twisted, come and see us.


January 2017 RRP Pricelist

Cambridge Audio

February 2016 RRP Pricelist

Chord Company

October 2016 RRP Pricelist


January 2017 RRP Pricelist


September 2016 RRP Pricelist


June 2016 RRP Pricelist


Reference Series October 2016 RRP Pricelist

UHD Series February 2017 RRP Pricelist


January 2017 RRP Pricelist


January 2017 RRP Pricelist


September 2015 RRP Pricelist


February 2017 RRP Pricelist

Sonus Faber

February 2017 RRP Pricelist 

Van Den Hul

June 2016 RRP Pricelist