Rega Brio Amplifier 2017. Hewn from solid steel by a love for music

A compact powerhouse - Rega's latest version of the Brio lives up to it's fine lineage. This is an extremely special Amplifier that is simply unique in it construction and sound quality. No bells, no whistles, no Bluetooth. But an outstanding phono stage built in.

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Product Description


We fear change. The Rega Brio has been one of our best selling amplifiers over the past 5 years. We sold an awful lot of the compact wonder - it was such a sweet amplifier that sounds delightful and was always a go to product in the price range. The past 5 years have brought competition however and it's time for the Brio to reinvent itself. We feared that it couldn't live up to our expectations. We were wrong.

The new Brio 2017 is a pure delight. That same smooth character we loved in the previous iteration is still here, but there also seems to be a bit more grip and control. There's now an additional power supply for the output and line stages, and this translates into more space and a bit more detail, but without pushing it towards brightness or fatigue. The new case work also looks more modern, a bit sleeker and more polished and also brings a new headphone output. Still no digital anything, so no DAC or bluetooth built in, but a class leading MM phono stage is still packed in.

We're already quite taken by this one, and we're pretty sure you will be to when you have a listen.

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