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  • Ambience Ribbon 1800's, when every other speaker fails to impress

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    These are one of my absolute favourite loudspeakers.

    People go through an evolution of preference in their selection of speakers. When we buy our first set it is often a pair of large floorstanding devices with big bass drivers, the audio equivalent of a healthily mammaried young lady. These are often selected by how much bass they make and how loud they go.

    As one matures and our tastes become more refined the next stage is often to a pair of high transparency low colouration bookshelf speakers such as the British are so very accomplished at producing. These are particularly suited to a house shared with a spouse and children and represent some of the best value for musical repreduction.

    Then, if you are very lucky, the next level in transducers is one where there is no longer a box at all to add colouration to that critical mid range and treble area. This is the raison d'etre of the Ambience Ribbon speaker. The ribbon main drive unit is a virtually massless transducer with fantastic rise time and bandwidth in comparison to a moving coil design. The open .nature of the frame that the ribbon is mounted in allows for a natural propogation front and rear of the waveform and the result is a virtual point source of unsurpassed transparency and speed.

    The fact that these speakers are made in Gippsland and available to Australian consumers at a bargain price makes them a must shortlist for you if are in the market for a special relationship with your music.

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