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  • Monitor Audio WS10 Subwoofer ... Slim form factor and optional wireless.

    Against the wall ... under the table ... in a corner ... no it's not "The Postman Always Rings twice". This is the new Monitor Audio WS10 Subwoofer that is ridiculously flexible in application. Complete with three-position EQ and a high quality digital wireless linkoption, the WS-10 is a compact and versatile design, comprising an 8” C-CAM driver powered by a 120 watt amplifier, generously provisioned with individual volume and phase controls, and a standard array of wired LFE and 12V inputs for integration with an AVR in alternative system applications. For even greater system design versatility, the WS-10 can connect wire-free to other systems via Monitor Audio’s new WT-1 transmitter module. Learn More

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  • REL T5

    This solid 11 inch cube is the Welsh company's latest foray into compact but explosive low frequency reproduction.
    Actually we really like it, it offers a very substantial and articulate noise floor to movies and music and at $999 with fantastic build it's very hard to go past ...

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  • Krix Cyclonix Active ... a giant amongst us ... 18 inches and very black

    The Krix Cyclonix Active is a for-goodness-sake real thing 18inch Subwoofer massively amplified for fundamental low frequency reproduction. Large enough to need "incorporating" rather than "putting" in a room. From our favourite South Australian loudspeaker company ..$3995.

    This is not something you can readily move from room to room ... it is big amd black with the menace of the Christine the Devil Car from that rather awful eighties movie ...

    If you get within a whimper of being allowed to own one of these then you will probably have a special room with padding where you can be ... secure ...

    You may well be that sort of chap who also has a 750 HP street legal Ute (hi Dave)... or a Triumph Rocket Three with an add on Turbo Charger ...

    Or simply someone wanting a really good and professional Cinema sound experience in their home.

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  • Rel Gibraltar G1

    Ex Display Rel G1 Mk1. Light swirls, a couple of minor marks. These are reflected in the price. Available for demo. Learn More

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    Special Price $5,100.00

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