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  • Q Acoustics 3000i series loudspeakers now on demonstration

    Now on demonstration ... the latest update to this now very established range of speakers promises to make some serious inroads into the mainstream brands.

    I feel that the walnut finish in particular is of exceptional quality and style and will have particular success for its aesthetic alone.

    The 3000i Series is an evolution of the 3000 Series, which has undergone a number of innovative improvements intended to bring about significant enhancements in both sonic performance and aesthetics from the already established and highly awarded range. The 3000i Series forms the core Hi-Fi loudspeaker offering from Q Acoustics.

    The Official Q Acoustics 3000i series website

    Some Q Acoustics reviews:

    CNet on the 3050i floorstanding speakers

    "The Ear" on the 3050i floorstanding speakers

    "What Hi-Fi?" on the 3010i Cinema Pack

    "Long Live Vinyl" on the 3010i bookshelf Speaker

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  • Q Acoustics Concept 40 ...double wall gel cabinets for tonal neutrality.......Last Pair Ex Display Gloss Black

    This Q Acoustics Gel Core cabinet floorstanding speaker is sweet and slim and far too gleaming for the likes of us ...they are polished to a lustre like a Carlton Hot Rod. 

    These speakers are really well reviewed and come into that price point space beetween our favourite Monitor Audio Bronze 5s at $1200 and the irresistable Legend Kharma speakers at $1995.

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    Regular Price: $1,799.00

    Special Price $1,349.00

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  • Q Acoustics Concept 500 loudspeakers ... two tone bliss ... now on demonstration

    First seen at the Munich Hi Fi show, this is Q Acoustics reaching upwards into that speaker for a lifetime market. in their Rich Walnut and Gloss Black finish they are actually beautiful, the photograph dosnt do justice to the colour match of the rich grained walnut wood and the deep black of the front half on their silver pedestals.


    "What Hi-Fi?" on the Concept 500s.

    "Hi Fi Choice" on the Concept 500s.

    "The Gramaphone" on the Concept 500s.

    It is a loudspeaker that is at once, stylish, contemporary, fine-sounding and astonishingly accurate. It couples low directivity with wide bandwidth, good sensitivity and sensible impedance. This makes the new Concept 500 both room-friendly and an easy load to drive, allowing amplifiers to deliver their best performance.

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  • Q Acoustics QTV2X

    Brand New In Box. Found In the warehouse. This large version of the Q-TV2 is designed for screens from 42" - 50" and is designed to dramatically improve the sound of your screen, with minimal aesthetic impact. This system is barely noticeable once attached to the rear of your TV (which by-the-way takes just minutes) all you can see are the discreet, stylish left and right speakers situated either side of your TV, which adjust to fit any 42" to 50" screen (we also sell the standard Q-TV2 which fits 30" to 42" screens). While the ultra-flat, vibration-free subwoofer is located behind the TV, completing this outstanding 2.1 system.Q-TV2 from Q Acoustics. The first truly discreet, 2.1 HD Sound upgrade for Flatscreen televisions. Q-TV2 delivers fabulous stereo sound with real bass but with minimal visual impact Learn More

    Regular Price: $1,399.00

    Special Price $490.00

  • Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers

    This speaker is a real contender and alternative. Priced right in between the Monitor Audio Bronze 5 and Bronze 6, this speaker has a differentiated tonality and imaging character to the floorstanding Monitors and a very distinctive and attractive appearance.

    There have been some great reviews, including having won the prestigous EISA Award

    The 3050i wins the EISA award

    "Australian Hi-Fi" on the 3050i

    AV Hub on the 3050i

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  • Q Acoustics 3090i Centre Speaker

    The Q Acoustics 3090i Centre Speaker has twin 100mm (4”) and 22mm (0.9”) precision drivers and can be shelf or cabinet mounted on its compliant pre-fitted rubber feet or wall-mounted on optional, dedicated brackets. Learn More

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  • Q Acoustics Concept 300 Bookshelf Speakers inc Stands

    The brief for Concept 300 is simple, yet staggeringly ambitious: to build on the runaway success of the floorstanding Concept 500 and deliver a standmounting alternative that’s at once of uncompromised performance and stylish, understated elegance.

    This combination of rigorous engineering, uncompromised industrial design and aspirational aesthetics makes Concept 300 the most fully realised loudspeaker Q Acoustics has yet delivered. In combination with the equally meticulous Tensegrity stand, Concept 300 not only advances loudspeaker performance at its price, it also represents a redefinition of the relationship between a loudspeaker and its support.

    The Q Acoustics Concept 300’s audio design innovations include:

    • Dual Gelcore™ cabinet construction
    • Internal P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing
    • Tensegrity tripod stand
    • Isolation base suspension system
    • Spring-tension fitted drivers
    • New stylish silver and ebony dual finish

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  • Q Acoustics 3090C centre

    The secret to a great theatre experience is a seamless sound stage, where there is no tonal mis-match between and of the channels. In other words - you should be matching your centre speaker to your other speakers. The 3090c is the perfect match for the q-acoustics 3000 series, whether your running the floorstanding 3050, or the bookshelf 3010. Learn More

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $329.00

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  • Q Acoustics Concept 20

    The beautifully finished, compact and eminently affordable Concept 20 loudspeaker is designed for music lovers who wish to enjoy performances at their very highest quality in small to medium sized rooms. Learn More

    Regular Price: $699.00

    Special Price $599.00

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  • Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speakers

    The Q 3020i is a bookshelf or stand mount speaker from Q Acoustics core loudspeaker offering, designed to deliver beautiful sound into your home, using the latest technological enhancements applied to the full 3000i series.

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  • Legend Acoustics Joey 9 loudspeakers ... solid Australian bookshelf musicality

    The Joey 9s have the same rib-reinforced aluminium bass-mid driver as the floorstanding Kama 9s (just one less of them in a smaller cabinet) and the same superb soft-dome tweeter. They therefore have the same flat frequency response for tonal accuracy and the same low distortion for clarity/lack of muddle - so you can hear you music ‘just like being there!

    As with the Kama 9s, the Joey 9s are available in jarrah, oak and black-stained real-wood veneer. And like all Legend loudspeakers they are wholly designed and expertly built here in Australia with a seven year warranty.

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  • Acoustica landscape speaker system by Origin Acoustics

    The outdoor life and entertaining is a part of Australian culture. Indeed there is nothing so endemically satisfying as a sunburnt country garden with a cold beer and Midnight Oil in full song.

    This new concept landscape speaker system is a distributed sub/sat that can be hidden in the garden and powered off a single two channel amplifier.

    It sounds really excellent in its native habitat and is a must consider for a new home build or landscape renovation.

    Herewith the link to the official Acousticape site:

    And the full specification:

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  • Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones - Ex Display

    Last set of Oppo PM-1's. Ex demo, excellent condition, with box, packaging and all accessories

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    Regular Price: $1,699.00

    Special Price $1,345.00

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  • Legend Kama 9 Loudspeaker .. refined Australiana, gorgeous construction, terrific value.

    Brand new model just released at the Australian Hifi Show.Don't be fooled by the unassuming looks of the Kama 9s. They are packed with features that enable them to easily compete with the best in their class. And, like all Legend loudspeakers, they are designed & built in Australia. Simply put Dr Rod Crawford is one of the very best loudspeaker designers in the world and the Kama 9 is right on the crux point of quality and value. Just come and touch these speakers ... then hit them hard with your knuckles ... and you will see that their constructional quality is way ahead of anything else at this price point by a huge margin. Learn More
  • Klipsch The Sixes...Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Phono

    These gorgeous speakers have been a revelation at CAV. A gorgeous aesthetic, seriously great sound, Digital inputs and a Phono input to plug a turntable directly into them. We sold a pair within an hour of unboxing them. A go to system for someone after an uncluttered Vinyl system in an apartment or bedroom. Available for audition in our Lygon st showroom. We are happy to do a deal with a Rega or Project turntable. Learn More
  • Klipsch The Three..........Luxury stereo tabletop system with phono and pretty copper buttons

    Available to audition in our Lygon st showroom. This wonderful piece of enginering. It not only gorgeous. It produces a serious sound. Has Play-fi built in for high res streaming. As well as a phono. Just add a turntable and off you go. Learn More

  • Monitor Audio Apex 10 Satellite Speakers (Metallic Black or Pearl White)

    The ultimate style speaker, combining the best of Monitor Audio technology in a stylish, compact and rigid die-cast alloy cabinet. Learn More
  • Monitor Audio Apex 40 LCR

    Centre or Surround channel speaker which can be used vertically or horizontally, freestanding or wall mounted. Combines the best of Monitor Audio technology in a stylish, compact and rigid die-cast alloy cabinet. Learn More
  • Monitor Audio Apex AW-12

    Compact, front-firing 12" Subwoofer with C-CAM driver and a 500 watt Class D amplifier. Combines the best of Monitor Audio technology in a stylish, compact, cabinet finished with aluminium side trims. Learn More
  • VAF Soundwall (Speaker SIngle 600mm x 600mm Module)

    Print Module face with any colour or image add $150. SoundWall provides a glorious appearance with the ability to reproduce premium music or movie sound, equivalent to the finest loudspeakers. It is also so simple and easy to drive it can be powered from any normal hi-fi or home theatre sound system. More than merely reproducing recorded sounds, SoundWall additionally improves the acoustics of your room, even when sound is not being reproduced. SoundWall makes it simple to bring high quality music and movie sound into your room or through your entire home. Without clutter. Without complexity. Without compromise.

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