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  • Yamaha NS-5000 speakers ... classical gas

    Available to audition in their own Lygon st Showroom. These are a speaker of remarkable presence and beauty. They are highly capable of presenting the music in a natural and completely unfettered manner. Properly powered it doesn't matter what the volume is, they retain their particular quality at low volume and can very nearly do PA type sound pressure levels while remaining tonally consistent throughout. A remarkable performance envelope.

    I fell in love with the spiritual and physical precursor to this speaker being the NS1000 of the 1980's, indeed I still have clients from that era who bought those speakers back then from me and feed them a diet of new amplification and sources every 15 years or so. These NS5000 speakers are better, like a new Lexus is better than my old Corolla.

    The official Yamaha NS5000 web page

    StereoNet on the Yamaha NS5000

    Soundstage Australia on the Yamaha NS5000

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  • Yamaha NS2000A loudspeakers

    A beautifully finished tall floorstanding loudspeaker built like a high end musical instrument. Learn More
  • Yamaha RN2000A Streaming Receiver

    Have your cake and eat it with a Yamaha Receiver born again for the third decade of the 21st Century … the RN2000 is going to be very much in demand. Learn More
  • Yamaha CD S2100

    A beautiful CD player that looks the timeless classic that it sounds. Crispiness and a neutral truthfulness to the sound are its sonic characteristics.

    It's also an SACD player which for this price bracket is a real bonus. Generally, one has to spend upwards of $5000 for a half decent SACD player.

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  • Yamaha RXA6A Aventage. Home Cinema Receiver

    Another in the new Aventage flagship line of Surround Receivers from Yamaha. This one is just one below the almighty RX-A8A which is their top of the range. And it boasts the same power 2 chanels driven as the RX-A8A at 150W. As opposed to the RX-A8A, it has 9 chanels and not the full 11.

    A hefty amp to get your blood pressure up and experience the real thrill of Home Cinema.

    Check out all its specs at Yamaha's official website


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  • Yamaha RXA8A ... Le grand mal of theatre receivers. Now on demo

    One the marketplace has been waiting for ... Yamaha’s take on flagship surround sound. The RXA8A is a beautiful piece of audio engineering.

    The question is .... does this mean that this new beast is now a contender against the no compromise Denon AVC110 and Marantz SR8015?

    You are going to have to come to Carlton Audio Visual and try them together to see which suits your taste best :-) .

    In an unusual marketing offer Yamaha are proffering a rather gorgeous steel “Aventage” watch worth $669 with every RX8A purchased.

    Yamaha RXA8A official page 

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  • Yamaha RXA2A Aventage Home Cinema Receiver. Crisp, new, and glossy. Five Year Warranty

    This is the first of the new range to be available in Australia. Expect a crisp up front sonic presentation with good durability.

    Playing the unit in our dem room reveals an impactive tonality with plenty of upper mid presence that potentially adds sparkle and engagement to a sound track. It's a matter for speaker matching and personal taste as to wther thuis appropriate for your your system.

    Uniquely for a very complex Theatre Receiver product Yamaha are offering a five year warranty through registration for their Avantage series units.

    They have gone for an unusual piano gloss finish that is a touch Yamaha Grand.

    One loves the central volume knob as being quintessentially functional.

    Official manufacturer's site for the RXA2A 

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  • The Yamaha NS3000 loudspeaker

    We have the first pair of these on display in Australia. We only had to pledge one of our children to indentured servitude for life in Japan to acquire them, They are beautiful and much easier to live with than an annoying child.

    "" on the Yamaha NS3000 

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  • Yamaha CDS 3000 CD Player ... smooth angel disc spinner

    Every now and then you get a piece of high fidelity that oozes high class as soon as you touch it, The Yamaha 5000 series preampifier and power amplifier have this quality in spades and so does this the highest ranging CD Player in the range of Yamaha high fidelity kit.

    In the trade we can go a long way on the tactility of a product as a real assessment of its build quality, That and the less than minor matter of one's reaction to a component's particular sound quality are simply something that can never be realised via internet shopping. this is a device that begs to be individually auditioned.

    There is definetly a Rolls Royce feel to this device and it immediately reminds me of the original Yamaha Centennial CD Player the no compromise CDX10000 that was released in 1987 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Yamaha music products.

    The CDS3000 is also an external DAC that is a 32 bit device ...

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  • Yamaha AS1200 integrated amplifier throwback

    Any real Hi Fi freak loves a good amplifier and anyone whose been in the game since the eighties will have had something to do with a Yamaha product in their time. The AS1200 could have been made anytime in the last forty years and it will still be a recognisably excellent design in another forty years time.

    Classic stuff and part of Yamaha's well funded push back into the discerning stereo marketplace.

    Official US site on the AS1200 

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  • Yamaha GT-5000 Turntable...... A Japanese Homage to the monsters of the 70's & 80's

    The Yamaha GT5000 ... a turntable uniquely made by its own rules ... I think the tonearm design is excellent. I have sat through days literally of playing the GT5000 to the most critical possible audience at Hi Fi shows and not one indivisual has noted any tracking or balance errors, because there are none. Supremely low noise and precise is the emphasis here and the unique balanced out is a perfect match for a high quality phono stage or, even better, a C5000 preamplifier ...

    By the way although this shares a designation of a certain American sports car ... that is far too crude an analogy for the precision and quality of this Record Player. More like a Nissan GT-R Nismo edition ...

    Please note the outstanding reviews this turntable has been getting in the description below ...

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  • Yamaha AS3200 Integrated Amplifier ... heavyweight with VU meters ... thing of beauty

    We are complete suckers for VU meters. This amplifier has them. This is the newest grand integrated that is part of Yamaha's revival into the high quality discerning stereo market.

    Official EU site for the AS3200. 

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  • Yamaha C-5000 preamplifier ... how one should be made

    In pursuit of the intangible musical quality that breathes life into high-fidelity audio, the world's largest sound company presents the C-5000 pre-amplifier. From the concert stage to the home, Yamaha has drawn on its vast musical history to create an instrument capable of faithfully reproducing every nuance and emotion in the performance. Perfectly balanced signal transmission Floating balanced pre-amp Symmetrical, folding-book circuit design Low-impedance design Rigid and precise design Dual Toroidal Transformer

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  • The Yamaha 5000 system ... when a music instrument superpower makes a high fidelity system

    This is an ambitious high end single brand system that throws down the gauntlet from Japan to the rest of the World. Needless to Yamaha have the resources to pull something like this off. Although the elements of the 5000 are firmly based on the iconic NS1000 loudspeakers and the turntable pre and power amplifiers of the time, this system is thoroughly representative of third decade 21st century materials and design. The Absolute Sound on the Yamaha 5000 system

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  • Yamaha AS2200 Premium Integrated Amplifier

    The Yamaha AS2200 is a killer amplifier for those who love a crisp, clean sound with a feeling of a V8 behind it. Those who love a retro look will swoon over the Yamaha range of premium amplifiers as well. The old timey look filters down to that solid metal with black panel finish as well as the feel of the knobs and switches. The volume knob glides so effortlessly and the input selector gives a satisfying click and clunk as the inner workings of the amp are engaged.

    You get all the tone controls a beautifully made Japanese amplifier is renowned for. And there's no need to dig deep into a menu to find them. They're at your fingertips ready for adjusting as much as you like.

    Japanese engineering and craftmanship is on display with this unit.

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  • Yamaha M-5000 Power Amplifier...........In A Class of Its Own

    With more than 130 years of experience, Yamaha has grown to become the world's leading sound company. The M-5000 embodies this spirit with time-honoured craftsmanship and market-leading innovation and serves as the epitome of high-fidelity audio reproduction. 200 W + 200 W (4 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.07% THD, 2-ch driven) 100 W + 100 W (8 ohm, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.07% THD, 2-ch driven) Meticulously designed, balanced signal transmission Floating and balanced power amplifier layout for improved drivability Perfectly symmetrical design for isolating left and right channels Low impedance design with shortened signal and power supply paths Improved construction delivers state-of-the-art rigidity Massive toroidal core power transformer

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  • Yamaha RXA4A Aventage. Home Cinema Receiver.

    The RX-A4A is where the beams cross for quality and value in a serious Home Theatre Receiver. At $2399 it has a very crisp and authoratative presentation that is suited to people looking for a forward sound with one of the safest brand names in the industry.

    The Aventage series Receivers offer a unique five year warranty by registration for Australian customers.

    The official Yamaha RXA4A website here.


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  • Yamaha AS701

    A powerful integrated amplifier with a clean, clear tonality and digital connections for easy connection to a Television and other digital media.

    Those knobs and dials on this unit are the thing of dreams for many HiFi lover. And they adjust the Bass, Treble, Balance and 'Loudness' like any traditional Japanese amplifier should.

    Read more about this cool at the official Yamaha website here

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