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  • Koss Pro4S Studio Monitor Headphones...that are great for audiophiles as well

    Koss were the very first company to manufacture Headphones or Stereophones as they were then known for personal audio use. Prior to their SP/3 model release in 1958, Headphones were used purely for communication purposes. Think 1940s war time Telephone switch boards. 

    In any case, Koss has been manufacturing Headphones since 1958 in Milwaukee Wisconsin and is still owned my the Son and family of John C. Kloss who started the business. A real family tradition.

    Whether you're a musician after a set of decent studio monitors or an audiophile wanting a pair of Headphones that'll give you that extra bit of detail and precision, these are the ones.

    They look clunky but are light weight and therefore feel super comfortable on.

    The Pro4S Headphones on the Koss official website

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  • Koss Porta Pro The magic headphone

    Actually there is no better icon of headphone than this .. their unique spring headclamp system is as unique as Desmodromic Valve gear ... The Bass response is simply magnificent with a perfect balance of pressure and comfort ...

    These are ridiculously undervalued headphones. I find my self often recommending them to instagrammed millennials who are seeking the latest review nurtured piece of head-fi fashion for up to a $1000 because they are a simply excellent and unique audio transducer for wearing on one's ears.

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  • Koss KSC75 On Ear Clips

    A happy go lucky, cheap set of headphones for throwing about and playing music loudly!

    We love Koss headphones at Carlton Audio Visual. They're always surprisingly bassy for their petite forms. Maybe not the most sophiticated sound out there but a lively and fun sound.

    Koss US website page for the KSC75

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  • Koss Porta Pro Headphones with Microphone/volume control

    These are the same as the classic Koss Porta Pro Headphones just with an inline microphone and volume control for added convenience.

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  • Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    I've personally had Koss Porta Pro Headphones for a number of years now and I added a pair of the Koss Porta Pro wireless version to the stable after going through a couple of pairs of Earbuds that were incompatible with me...I'm still not sure whether that's because I get unusually sweaty ears or tiny ears or a combination of both but they would never stay in my ears.

    These are super comfortable though and sound massively better than the Earbuds. The Bluetooth receiver does jiggle a little but that's an easy trade-off for me for not having to worry about an Earbud falling out of my ear onto the pavement.

    Koss Porta Pro Video Promo

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  • Koss BT539i Wireless Headphones, Dark Grey & White

    A wireless set of comfortable over ear headphones with a decent 12 hour battery life. Koss have been making Headphones for decades and have stayed around because their gear is much loved certainly by Carlton Audio Visual staff anyway. 

    On a side note I was amused to read that little Koss Headphone company was caught up in the Reddit wallstreetbets fiasco that saw Reddit users rally to Koss stocks and greatly inflate its stock price. This was because people in offices on Wall Street were betting that Koss was going to lose money. Instead Koss made a huge amount of money (albeit not because of the inherent value of the company going up). Koss will keep making Headphones we all enjoy and people in the Koss family made a rather large amount of money inadvertently!

    Read more about the Koss story and the BT539i here. Official Koss website

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  • Koss KPH30i Headphones, White

    Koss Headphones were actually the very first company to make Headphones for personal stereo listening. Founded in 1958 by John C Koss, the business is still run by the same family. In fact it's John C Koss's son and grandson who are at the helm. 

    Take a look at their Koss History page on their website and you'll get a sense of the seriously cool products they've made and the musicians they've collaborated with. They decked out the Airforce One Jet with Koss Headphones in 1969. 

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