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  • Control4 SR260 Icon Remote and charging station

    The original remote by Control4. Many Control4 users know and love this remote for its rugged usability. If you're not interested in the niceties of the Halo remotes one of these will get the job done.

    You do need the charging cradle to have these remotes operational ready. We suggest simply buying the charging + remote bundle from the outset.

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  • Control4 Halo Remote

    A simple sleek and intuitive design, the Halo remote makes using your AV system a breeze.

    This unit has been designed by some of the worlds best industrial designers. A tactile feel and weighted beautifully so it sits perfectly and easily in your hand. Merging an intuitive system with superior design making interaction with technology a pleasure.

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  • Control4 CORE 1, Home Automation Processor

    This small Home Automation processor is perfect for adding on to a Home Theatre or Living Room entertainment space. It is the ultimate Universal Remote. But where the Universal Remotes fall down in not being able to control streaming or not fedding back into the system information from the hardware, this system works effortlessly. Have you ever had someone turn up the volume on some piece of hardware to find that the remote didn't register it and you're being blasted with double volume. These sorts of systems can crash easily.

    With a little Control4 processor you have powerful control over things that sit on your network as well as stock standard Infra Red control (used by standard remotes). 

    All within Control4s own operating system that can be setup just the way you like it. If you'd like a button that takes you straight to a sports channel...easy! Or would you like a couple of your favourite radio stations preset? We can do that.

    Control4 is so easy to customise to your needs.

    You have a choice of physical remote controls that are available to work with this processor or you can simply use the Control4 App.

    It's possible to start with a CORE 1 in one room and then add COREs to the rest of the house and integrate the whole lot into a cohesive Smart Home. COntrol your lights, your garage, your fridge...everything except maybe the kids!

    Come in and talk to us about the options and your needs and try the Control4 system for yourself in our dedicated Control4 Showroom.


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  • Control4 Halo Touch Remote

    The premium version of Control4's Halo remote has the addition of a touch screen.

    Sleek tactile and utilising Control4's intuitive operating system, the Halo touch remote makes interacting with your technology a pleasure.

    Both the Halo and the Halo Touch are on display at Carlton Audio Visual in our dedicated Control4 demo room.

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  • Control4 CORE Lite + Halo, Home Automation Bundle

    Purely for single room control. This is the miniature Home Automation processor from Control4 perfect for controlling a TV with a streamer attached and a selection of other inputs into the TV (for example Bluray or game console). For lights, remote sensors or anything else a little more complicated we'd need to go up to the CORE 1. Talk to us about the specific hardware you'll need for your Smart Home Solution.

    The remote control is sleek and intuitive. Designed by some of the worlds best industrial designers to be a unit that is simple yet elegant. Its materials have been specifically chosen to give a textural feel in your hand. And its thoughtfully weighted correctly so it sits just nicely in your palm. A little thought for a piece of kit that you'll use multiple times a day. 

    This is the version of the remote without the touch screen ewhich has been the most popular with our clients.

    Come into our dedicated Control4 showroom and you can try one of the remotes for yourself as well as going through the best hardware solution for your needs.

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  • Triad, 8 Zone, 16 Channel Power Amplifier

    The matching power amplifier to pair with the 8 source, 8 zone (or 16 zone) Matrix Switch by Control4.

    Creating one of the most versatile custom audio pairings available.

    Perfect for larger homes that need the amplification to drive speakers throughout a home. It is also perfect for commercial uses where it's small footprint and 'rackability' give it advantages over other units.


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  • Control4 CORE 3, Home Automation Processor

    This is the most common whole home processor that we use in Australia. It is also a powerful processor that adapts brilliantly to commercial uses such as restaurants. 

    WIth more options available than the CORE1, we can build a whole home automation system from this unit whereas the CORE1 is only effective for a single room.

    As with the CORE1, we can do a lot of checking on the system remotely saving you time and money in personal visits.

    Control4 interfaces are effortlessly customisable. Would you like to have your TV turn on to a certain chanel when you turn on the TV regardless of what the kids have done the night before? Would you like to be able to lock or allow access to the house even when you're on holidays? All of this and more is possible with Control4 and these sorts of processors.

    Call us and talk to us about what you'd like from a smart home system. Or come in and see us. We can also arrange home visits to walk through things in situ.

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  • Triad 8 source, 8 zone Audio Matrix Switch V2

    Perfect for custom audio installations where multiple rooms (or zones) are in play that need separate sources of music to play independently to each. 

    This is the ultimate way to build such a system providing the cross polination of up to 8 sources of music into each of those 8 zones. 

    We normally pair these up with a Control4 system for the best in customer interface and useability.

    This can be used in large residential and commercial applications.

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  • Control4 CORE 5, Home Automation Processor

    The big daddy of the Control4 Home Automation Controllers. This has all the bells and whistles but is only ever really needed for the very biggest, highest specced homes in Australia.

    Generally we make do with a combination of CORE3 and CORE1 processors.

    Effortlessly customisable. Call us, come in or make an appointment for us to come to you and we'll show you what you can acheive with Control4 and an intuitive Smart Home today. 

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  • Spring Street apartment class, an exercise in integration and design.

    A very particular residence with no room for error. This home utilised perfectly recessed 55 inch touchscreens as digital art displays in conjunction with a state of art Control4 automation to seamlessly blend art and electronics for a very special lifestyle. Learn More

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