end of the world sale

Did you think we'd forgotten?

Yes - it's that time of year. It's the end of financial year, and we've gone totally covfefe.

When we say it's while stock lasts, we mean it literally. Who knows what could happen.

We're clearing out the warehouse in prepartion for stocktake and as usual we're finding some gems hidden away in the deep dark corners our sales staff have long neglected. Amplifiers. Source components, Speakers. Headphones. Why I hear there was even some surround receivers. In any case, we're digging it out and pricing it to move. We're clearing loads of floorstock too to make way for the new - if it's in stock our arms can be twisted. Offers are strictly limited to in-store customers (that is, unless we change our minds and add some to the website...) So pop on in and have a look through Melbourne's finest range of Hi-Fi and pick yourself up something special.