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  • Van den Hul The Magnum Hybrid MKII (Per M)

    The Magnum is the next level up from the popular D-352. Due to its even thicker gauge the Magnum has even more bass than the D352. Due to its gauge it produces a larger scale wider imaging & an even lower noise flaw. As expected from the Van Den Hul range the Magnum Hybrid produces no fatigue and is slightly warm biased but with incredible transparency.

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    Regular Price: $100.00

    Special Price $90.00

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  • Chord Epic Speaker Cable Price Per M

    Our best speaker cable available to be cut off a roll here at CAV. Epic has been part of our speaker cable range for around ten years – it’s a shielded cable that works with pretty much every style of speaker. From mid-price to high end, Epic brings detail, dynamics, resolution and coherence to every speaker it’s used with. It’s particularly good at bringing control and definition across the bass frequencies as well and can be a really good solution for floor standing speakers. Learn More

  • Nordost SuperFlatline Gold Speaker Cable.......A True Nordost Classic Now Available by the Metre

    Due to popular demand nordost have reintroduced their Superflatline cable as well as a toolkit that makes in-store termination possible. (Your choice of Banana's or Spades and Wired single to single or Bi-wire).

    The SuperFlatline Speaker Cable is a true Nordost classic. This highly sought after product offers detail, clarity, and purity throughout the whole frequency spectrum, from subsonic lows to ultrasonic highs. The SuperFlatline Speaker Cable consists of sixteen 23 AWG, solid core, flat, rectangular, copper conductors. These conductors undergo an innovative precision FEP extrusion process, which lowers the capacitance and increases the bandwidth of the cable dramatically, enhancing accuracy and speed of signal transfer. This high quality, versatile cable can be used in any system.

    When used in a shotgun configuration, the SuperFlatline is capable of carrying high currents (up to 12.5 amps at 300 volts), while its 16 conductors can easily facilitate bi-wiring or bi-amping. In addition to the impressive quality of performance this cable can achieve, the flat geometry of SuperFlatline makes it possible to run lengths under carpets for easy and discreet installation.

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    Regular Price: $100.00

    Special Price $90.00

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  • Analysis Plus Clear Oval 3mt Pair Bananas or Spades

    Designed like the highly
    acclaimed Oval 12 but using 14 gauge wire. Clear Oval uses
    the patented hollow oval woven design in which every
    conductor is as close to the return current as every other
    wire. Rated for in-wall use.

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  • Nordost Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers (4 Pack)

    After paying so much time and attention to the integrity of your sound system, why degrade its performance by neglecting the last few inches of crucial cabling. Nordost’s Norse 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers are the perfect solution for achieving exceptional sound by replacing the standard, bent metal plates and generic wires supplied with most bi-wire loudspeakers.    

    The Norse 2 jumper uses a silver-plated, solid core OFC conductor which is wrapped in a precise spiral of Micro Mono-Filament before being covered in an outer layer of FEP insulation and cut at a specific, mechanically tuned length. This dedicated design provides a straight-line, low-loss jumper that ensures optimum results. The difference that a well-engineered jumper makes in sound quality is astonishing, and these improvements are magnified that much more when maintaining the same core cable technology throughout.

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    Regular Price: $279.00

    Special Price $250.00

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  • Analysis Plus Chocolate Oval 12/2 Speaker Cable 3m Pair Banana or Spade

    3 Metre Pair Bananas or Spades. The Oval Chocolate 12/2 is a 12 gauge cable utilising a hollow oval cross section & braided oxygen free copper. An alluring, attentive sound is now avilable from your recordings. Rated for in-wall use. Learn More
  • Analysis Plus Black Mesh Oval 9 Speaker Cable (Price per m)

    We have managed to source a 100m roll of Oval 9 speaker cable. As such we will be the only retailer in Vic able to cut oval 9 by the meter. The savings from this rather than a factory terminated pair is incredible. This cable normally retails for $1470 for a 3m pair.

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    Regular Price: $245.00

    Special Price $185.00

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  • Chord Signature Ohmic Links

    About twenty years ago, Bi-wiring speakers was all the rage. That's where you run one set of speaker cable to the high frequency input on your speakers and a separate set to the low frequency input. In this process you do away with the high to low frequency metal jumpers on the back of the speaker.

    Normally the jumper links that come with a set of speakers are bits of metal and not made to perform well sonically. The positive effects of Bi-wiring were 90% the effect of getting rid of those crappy jumper links.

    These days when a client comes in asking about Bi-wiring, we make sure they first try some good quality jumper links.

    Like a good quality speaker cable these will define the image, you'll hear more of the tail-end of the notes - the ringing of the piano strings dying slowly away into silence...

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  • Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 3m Banana or Spade

    3 Metre Pair Bananas or Spades. The Oval 12 uses the patented hollow oval design and 12 gauge oxygen free copper. This cable offers excellent sonic performance for the money. Learn More
  • Nordost Reference Bi-Wire Jumpers (4 Pack)

    The Reference Bi-Wire Jumpers offer a significant performance upgrade over the cheap metal strips found with most loudspeakers.  While the Norse 2 Jumpers offer major improvements to the musical performance, the Reference Jumpers are even better. Based on Dual Mono-Filament construction and TSC technology (also found in the Odin Series), the sonic benefits are massive. These tuned pairs of straight-line jumpers maintain perfect signal integrity between the loudspeaker binding posts. Using high quality, low mass connectors, the standard termination is spade to 4 mm Nordost Z plugs. Replacing the standard bridging plates with Reference Series Jumpers creates an astonishing difference. Use them with Nordost’s Dual Mono-Filament speaker cables and the difference is even more apparent.

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    Regular Price: $895.00

    Special Price $800.00

  • Analysis Plus Black Mesh Oval 9 Speaker Cable 3m Banana or Spade

    3 Metre Pair Bananas or Spades. This massive 9 gauge cable
    is capable of handling deep bass notes played at high
    volume. Built from oxygen free copper with a computer
    matched dieletric to provide proper impedence. Piano and
    voice are very realistic.

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  • Analysis Plus Silver Oval Two Speaker Cable 3m Pair Bananas or Spades

    Silver Oval - 12 gauge cable constructed of pure silver over a stablizing strand of oxygen-free copper. The cable is woven into our patented hollow oval geometry in an ovalcoaxial configuration Learn More
  • Van Den Hul The Nova Speaker Cable

    As a BRIGHT STAR amongst our range of heavy speaker cables, The NOVA is specially designed for the highly demanding audiophile who wants the best, though under a slightly more limited budget. Can be purchased Factory Terminated 2-2, 2-4, 4-4 or by the Metre

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    Regular Price: $2,750.00

    Special Price $2,499.00

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  • Chord Signature XL Speaker Cable 2m Pair

    Like ChordMusic and Epic Reference, every set of Signature Reference is built to order. Standard colours are red and black or all black, but if there’s a particular colour you really want, please ask.

    Please call to ask about availability.

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  • Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval 3m Speaker Cable Bananas or Spades

    3 Metre Pair Bananas or Spades. The premier silver cable
    from Analysis Plus. This cable sounds very fast and detailed
    without the harshness often associated with silver cables.
    Big silver Oval has punch in the low end as well as incredible
    highs. Constructed from of pure silver over a stabilising
    strand of oxygen free copper. The design means the cable is
    very flexible, unlike many other high end designs.

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  • Chord Sarum T Speaker Cable 2m Pair Banana to Banana

    We have two pairs of 2m Sarum T Speaker cable which we purchased at a very special price. These are As new and were unboxed for the Australian Hifi show. Available to audition in our 164 Lygon street Showroom and our 121 Drummond st showroom. 

    Sarum T builds on the success of its award-winning predecessor and introduces our breakthrough proprietary insulation material, Taylon®, bringing a major performance upgrade. Sarum T brings the remarkable benefits of our proprietary dielectric at a new, more accessible price level. Previous generations of Sarum Super ARAY cables have featured a PTFE dielectric. The upgrade to Taylon® introduces a raft of performance benefits.

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    Regular Price: $4,700.00

    Special Price $4,350.00

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  • Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 3m Pair Bananas or Spades

    3 Metre Pair Bananas or Spades. Four 11 gauge continuous cast copper conductors use proprietary braided hollow oval geometry. A perfect match for the Solo Crystal Oval interconnects. Available as internal biwire or shotgun. Learn More
  • Analysis Plus Golden Oval Speaker Cable 8 Foot (2.4M)

    The Golden Oval speaker cable was designed is a true
    reference speaker cable that will sound just as superb 30
    years fron now as it does today. This massive 9 AWG cable
    uses pure gold over oxygen free copper to create a wire
    without equal. Woven into the patented oval geometry in a
    oval-coaxial configuration, it provides incredible shielding
    from interference for the drop-dead noise floor the best
    systems demand. Made in USA

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