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integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifiers are what most people think of when they think of an amplifier - they have both a pre and power amplifier in a single chassis. Features vary, but you generally find a few inputs on the back, speaker outputs and a volume control. Most people tend to start with an integrated amplifier, but many high end systems still keep all the amplification in one box. 

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  • Audio Research VSI75 SE....Now with KT150 Valves

    Significant step-up from the VSi60 in every meaningful way Muscular 75 watts per channel, 50% more than the VSi60 New low profile anodized front panel Power transformer designed around the new (4x) KT150 output tubes Incorporates some key parts from the REF75 including proprietary coupling caps Learn More

  • Marantz PM10 Amplifier... an expression of engineering perfection

    I absolutely loved the Marantz ads from the 1980's ... here was a brand that was head and shoulders above the mainstream brands such as Technics and Pioneer in sound quality and engineering that was being marketed with quite uncommon flair.

    The Marantz "hear no evil" advert and the magazine placements is a steadfast of practise in small ads for our industry.



    These two stereo components are amongst the finest that have ever been made by this company. they are constructed under the severe tutelage of Ken Ishiwata, an original disciple of Saul Marantz, who still appears at the Munich hi fi show and has accasionally graced the small places of Carlton Audio Visual.

    These are not inexpensive components, but you would only be destined to purchase them once in your life ....

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  • Denon PMA-S1 integrated Japanese Amplifier

    This is a rare amplifier and Rab's favourite. A classic, Japanese built elegant monster. We believe this is the only one in Australia.

    It has sat in Rab's favourite demo room for many years and he has in particular loved its pairing with a set of Monitor Audio Platinum 500s. As we're moving around our demo rooms a little, it's time to find a good home for this chiseled jaw beauty...

    The extension in the bass that this amp can produce is incredible and its mids are smooth and mellow. The highs are agile, brilliant but not harsh.

    This is a whole different ball game from the commonly available Denon amps. It was a classic as soon as it came out of the factory.

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  • Musical Fidelity Nu-VIsta 600......200 Watts of Nuvistor valve goodness

    Any one familar with Musical Fidelity's products will know that the Nu-Vista 800 is a stand out design for the company. When launched it represented a new height of achievements combining several era's of technology in one very formidable package. The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 Integrated Amplifier is effectively the younger brother of the acclaimed 800. While it is younger and effectively smaller in size, and there fore alos at a lower price point, don't believe for a minute that you are being short changed here. It still possesses the finesse and fine tuning that exists within the Nu-Vista 800. Producing an easy 200 watts per channel, the ‘600 has the mumbo to power any speaker without breaking a sweat. Learn More

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  • Musical Fidelity M8Xi Amplifier ... a Goliath amongst us

    I think there was a designer in Musical Fidelity who had been spending too much of his life on caffeine and narcotics and marathon listening sessions who in a fit of mad innovation made this massive battle tank of an amplifier with every wet dream specification and design feature for an audiophile fantasy.

    If it was a tank it would be Ferdinand Porsche's Panzerkampfwagen VII Maus 188 ton Hitlerite monster that fortunately never went into service. It makes no less than 550 watts per channel into loudspeaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms, while with a 4 ohm load the figure is a remarkable 870 watts per channel. The manufacturer even goes so far as to speak of even higher power reserves, namely a peak of no less than 1.6 kW at 2 ohms.

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  • Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier

    Cambridge Audio's Long Anticipated High end Integrated Amplifier is finally in store. Edge A is designed to bring musical detail to life. It delivers a finely balanced sound with a depth and clarity that come through with every note. Cambridge developed the system by ear, testing every component and only choosing those that blew us away. The end result is a ground-breaking arrangement that produces a much cleaner signal path and lets your music breathe. Edge A perfectly delivers our classic British sound – nothing added, nothing taken away.

    What Hi Fi love it ...

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  • Synthesis Roma 510AC 80 Watt Valve integrated Amplifier (Hand made in italy)

    Available in store for Audition

    There has never been an introductory integrated amplifier with the fit, finish and sound of the ROMA 510AC. At first glance, this stunning amp simply takes your breath away. This high performance amplifiers brings out the best of other components in the system. Created by those obsessed with great sound and for those who love great music. The result is 80 watts of pure pentode output per channel built around a double triode 12AX7 on input and a 12BH7 tube as phase splitter and a pair of Gold Lion Russian Made KT88/6550 power tubes in push-pull configuration for a detailed, delicate and dynamic sound.

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  • Naim Uniti Nova

    At Carlton Audio Visual we're not normally ones to jump up and down at a $8700 amplifier and streamer all-in-one unit. But this one by Naim Audio is different, much different.

    A sublime combination of musicality and clarity. Music jumps alive in the hands of this unit. It's fast, clear and precise but it doesn't compromise that with any sort of harshness to the sound.

    A brilliant performer if you're after a compelling reproduction in an 'all-in-one' box.

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  • Leema Tucana II

    Leema Tucana II. One of our favourite integrated amplifiers made in Wales. Available for audition in our 164 Lygon st Showroom Learn More

  • Rotel Michi X5 ... the irresistible force

    If this was an asteroid on its to hit the planet then it may well cause the extinction of the mammals. At 50kg it is one of the most massive single box amplifiers that I have ever encountered and is gorgeous.

    First encounter was playing it through a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 60 sourced by a Marantz SA10. Fresh out of the box the Michi X5 lacks the glare and oft harsh treble of many of the super amplifier designs without being salubrious like a Musical Fidelity X8i. It has needless to say terrific poise with no overhang or bloom on these critical speakers and an instant rendition of space that is immensely gratifying.

    I dived straight in with Patti Smith Horses and her raw proto punk seventies energy was immaculately recreated with this powerhouse running the system. 

    The amplifier is physically gorgeous, although some may find the black looks unsettling in use it is both tactile and entertaining. The new Michi Trademark display that suddenly illuminates in the panel is excellent fun.

    The official Rotel X5 site 

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  • Marantz PM12SE Special Edition Amplifier

    Look deep into the mind of a man and you will find music ... Marantz is made to help you find yourself.

    The original PM-12 was solely created for the Japanese market, and quickly proved to be the next chosen one. European sound engineers combined it with achievements made developing the famous PM-KI Ruby, and thus the PM-12 Special Edition was born.

    Hi Fi News on the PM12SE and the SA12SE  Learn More

  • Roksan BLAK Integrated Amplifier

    A really unusual amp from this ratrhwer fanatical UK comnpany. The Blak is all about refinement and composure but with seren unflappeable power. 

    The Blak Integrated Amplifier is a powerful and musically enthralling design, with ample control and headroom available for exceptional grip and drive. Bass is quick, deep and exceptionally tight, ensuring a sense of speed and rhythm with an ultra-spacious and detailed soundstage that benefits all recordings and musical genres. Specially-selected components feature throughout the fully symmetrical circuit and a top-quality power supply design ensure the best possible performance.

    The Blak Integrated Amplifier contains very high quality internal Moving Magnet phono stage for direct connection to a turntable, aptX Bluetooth capability, an internal high-end DAC with USB connectivity and a circuit switchable headphone input. Rich in both sound and features, it represents the pinnacle of Roksan’s amplification.

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  • PrimaLuna EVO 400

    This amplifier replaces the Dialogue Premium HP, PrimaLuna's highly regarded original flagship integrated. It builds on the superior performance of the HP by tweaking things here and there but retaining what makes PrimaLuna special - superb Tube amplifier performance.

    At 70 Watts per channel, the power of this amp may sound modest but don't be fooled this is a very capable machine that can power the hungriest of speakers. 

    Upgraded swiss made wiring inside the unit and german made resistors...that haven't spared any expense with the makeup of the circuitry and the design of the amp.

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  • Rega Aethos Integrated Amplifier...Rega's very exceptional new model

    I've been waiting years for this amplifier. Even before there was a tantilising rumour that Rega had started designing the elusive amp that sits between the Elicit R ($3799) and the Osiris ($13,995), it was a near constant lament from customers - 'but why doesn't Rega make an amp at the $5K - $7K range. I love the Osiris but it's out of budget and I need something more than the Elicit R'. 

    Well it has arrived and it is beautiful. A newly designed casing that is solid and industrial but with some sexy curves that form cutouts to reveal the bulky heat sinks underneath.

    And how does it grips and it dictates yet its smoothness is alluring. Detail, tightness and extension in the bass is all there but there's also the lusciousness and enveloping blanket of sound that you only get with a Rega.

    The Aethos has set a new benchmark at this price point.

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  • Denon PMA2500NE amplifier ...classic iron hand in velvet glove Japanese Integrated.

    Denon are still dedicated to music, for all that their class leading surround amplifiers are in the public eye. The PMA 2500 is their no compromise stereo amplifier that is true to the values of the PMAS1 and such reference products that have gone by.

    (We still have a PMAS1 on display ... it sits in state in a special room ...)

    The PMA2500 is best partnered with speakers such as the Legend Kantu, Krix Neuphonix, or Monitor Audio Gold 300.

    The amplifier has particular grip and attack without being harsh. It also has a sensational Phono stage.

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  • Rotel X3 Michi amplifier massif

    This little brother carries the charisma and quality of the X5 dinosaur killer in a sleeker 30Kg package and that is desperately affordable ... relatively ...

    The official Rotel X3 site 

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  • Marantz Model 30 Integrated amplifier

    A lovely piece of work and a notable inclusion to the Marantz range ... one absolutely loves the adjustable Phono MC input impedance. The original Marantz Consollette made in New York in 1953 had phono equaliser controls on the front. These are made with love in the Japanese factory and will be in great demand.

    StereoNet on the Model 30 release 

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  • PrimaLuna EVO 300, Integrated Amplifier

    Like all PrimaLuna product, the Evo 300 integrated offers fantastic features and great value for a seriously classy Tube integrated amplifier. 

    It comes with EL34 Tubes, widely regarded as the most musical sounding larger output tubes. A lusciousness that's often described as the real 'Tubey' sound.

    However, if you'd like to put in other Tubes - it's easy because of the Auto-biasing circuitry that all PrimaLunas have on board. You can even whack in weird combinations of tubes, and it won't miss a beat. 

    The Auto-biasing also constantly adjusts to account for the variation of tubes over a lifetime. 

    Improvements on the Evo 200 model include Swiss made, silver plated, oxygen free copper, point-to-point wiring and upgraded very fancy resistors.

    The power, Wattage, ratings may not be as high but don't let this fool you - this is a better amp. With Class A, Tube amps, Wattage ratings can be very misleading. This amp will grip your speaker better than the EVO 200 and has a lower noise floor so you'll hear more detail. Make no mistake!

    Have a listen to Kevin (USA) chatting about the EVO 200

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  • Marantz PM14 Special Edition Amplifier ... an engine block of life for your Hi-Fi system

    This piece of art has been incredibly well received since we unpacked it sometime ago. A true heavyweight integrated without the highend pricetag, We have the Gold unit on display and its finish is just superlative.

    The PM14S1 SE is a nominally 90 Watt integrated amplifier with tone controls and a source direct button to bypass them with. It’s not over endowed with inputs but three line plus two tape loops should be enough for most, and there’s a really decent MM/MC phono stage as well. The "power amp direct input" will come in handy should one fancy a preamplifier upgrade in future and pre out for the opposite scenario. Given that the preamp is generally  the weakest link in most integrateds the former is a good idea.

    There is also a dedicated headphone output on the front with its own HDAM output module that claims to be capable of driving low impedance headphones. Construction is substantial just like the matching SA14 player/DAC, with thick aluminium on most surfaces and generational transcending build quality.

    The technology within is the contemporary high end transistorised norm based around discrete high current stages with segregated circuitry for each channel, where this amplifier differs is that the Marantz main man Guru Ken Ishiwata has individually graced each passive component in the amplfication chain with carefully auditioned selection ... this and the ultra premium 10 series may be the last of Marantz Hi Fi to be so graced ...

    Come in for an audition.

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  • Musical Fidelity M6Si

    This is quite the thing ... 220 watts per channel ... 4 output transistors per channel ... damping factor 170 ... get a grip man!... Balanced inputs and USB ... home theatre bypass ... 

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