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  • Isotek Evo3 Genesis

    IsoTek’s EVO3 Genesis is the state of the art power sine wave generation system. Two 300W class A/B power amplifiers in combination with an extremely low distortion synchronous sine wave generator totally build a brand new full mains sine wave, giving a total output of 600W.

    Housed in a machined aluminium case with full resonance control isolation system (ISIS) Genesis is a statement product that totally redefines what is possible with the cleaning of the mains supply.

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  • Isotek Evo3 Super Titan 20 Amp

    IsoTek’s EVO3 Super Titan represents (probably) the most powerful power cleaning system in the world, specifically designed for high end power amplifiers. The device is capable of running at 32A with the correct input feed. The Super Titan will dramatically lower noise floor, give greater soundstage with enhanced separation between instruments, a greater sense of air, space and overall timing. Bass will become deeper, yet more articulate allowing you to hear and almost touch a more holographic soundstage.

    Housed in a machined aluminium case with full resonance control isolation system (ISIS) EVO3 Super Titan is a statement product that totally redefines what is possible with the cleaning of the mains supply.

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  • PS Audio PowerPlant P20, 3600 watt 10 Amp mains regenerator

    They call it the inky blackness hidden in the music ...

    The P20 is the ultimate cleanser for your mains power.

    Demanding systems require remarkable power. The DirectStream P20 Power Plant is the finest expression of the art of delivering protected, pure, regulated, distortion-free AC power.

    With peak power levels of 3600 watts, no equipment can tax the mighty P20. Finally, your most coveted components have the opportunity to unleash their full potential, no longer hindered by dynamic drops in AC caused by the unavoidable resistance of the miles of wiring between you and the power station.

    DirectStream P20 regulates both long-term fluctuations and peak dynamic without deviation, ensuring a solid foundation from which to build a state-of-the-art system. Its low output impedance and unhindered AC delivery are equivalent to less than 50 feet of 12 gauge wire connected directly to your city power source without the connecting miles of wire, the many transformers, and the multiple neighbors weakening and contaminating your power.

    The most demanding music systems require nothing less than the P20.

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  • Nordost Valhalla 2 Reference Power Cable

    Thanks to the application of our latest Dual Mono-Filament technology our Valhalla 2 Power Cords set an unprecedented margin of performance over the competition. The cable consists of 7 solid, silver-plated 16 AWG OFC conductors, each suspended in a Dual Mono-Filament matrix. The separate solid core conductors eliminate strand interaction, hot spots, and carbonization, which can occur in stranded cables. Unlike conventional power cables, which have propagation speeds that are less than 50% the speed of light, the Valhalla 2 Reference Power Cord has a speed of 91% the speed of light. Extruded FEP insulation used in V2’s construction is superior to all other materials. It has very low signal loss and high thermal efficiency, causing it to dissipate heat quickly. The use of FEP in a Dual Mono-Filament construction means that power is transferred more effectively, while the low resistance of the cable keeps power loss extremely low. The result... truly superb sound quality. 

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  • Analysis Plus Ultimate Power Oval 1.5m AUS/IEC (Furutech Carbon Plugs)

    The cable has a balanced design for lower common mode
    noise. A unique feature with our patented hollow oval design
    is the ground lead surrounds the hot and cold leads to keep
    the signal pristine. With its low inductance design and extra
    shield it has a very low noise floor for a better Signal to
    Noise Ratio (SNR) to help bring out subtle nuances in the
    music. With this new design it has the ultimate in shielding
    for better ElectroMagnectic Interference (EMI) and
    ElectroMagnectic Compatibility (EMC). The Ultimate Power
    Oval takes the power cord to the next level in performance
    and design. It will work great with any of your equipment
    from DAC, Pre Amp, Power Amp. Made in USA

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  • Nordost TYR 2 Power Cable 1m IEC

    Nordost’s Tyr 2 cables are the top tier of our mid-range, Norse 2 family. The Tyr 2 range yields a realistic yet refined performance from your high-end components thanks to the superior technology it is produced with.

    The years of research and development put into Nordost’s Reference and Supreme Reference Ranges, such as Dual Mono-Filament technology and mechanically tuned lengths, as well as specially designed, proprietary MoonGlo connectors, have trickled down into the Tyr 2 products, while still maintaining Nordost’s core cable design to unify the cable’s sonic signatures.

    Tyr 2 cables provide the resolution, acumen and effortless musicality found in only the highest echelons of cables at a more realistic price point.

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  • Isotek EVO 3 Syncro 2m

    Syncro also incorporates unique DC-cancelling electronics that rebalance the mains sine wave to dramatically reduce/silence transformer hum. This sophisticated double shielded power cable also features ultra high purity silver plated OCC Copper conductors and Teflon FEB dielectric. Uniquely removes harmful DC by rebalancing the mains sine wave Silver plated OCC (Ohno Continious Cast) copper square strands from three 3sqmm conductors. These are set in a parallel construction with slight rotational twist. Mylar foil wrap and earthed OFC shield offer the maximum RFI rejection. Teflon FEP dielectric (insulation) offers chemically inert and very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. Cotton filler gives internal strength and reduces microphony. 12.5mm diameter PVC outer jacket gives a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength. Terminated using IsoTek's Audiophile grade connectors of solid OFC with 24ct gold plated conductors. 16A rated and available in UK, EU, US, AU versions with C7, C15, C19 and Neutrik terminations. Standard 2.0M length, custom lengths available Learn More
  • Nordost Frey 2 Power Cable 1m IEC

    Norse 2 Series power cords deliver a level of performance not previously possible at their price points. Nordost’s proprietary Micro Mono-Filament construction creates a virtual air dielectric complete with an elegantly engineered suspension system. When combined with silver-plated OFC solid core conductors and FEP insulation throughout, the result is the ideal electrically and mechanically controlled construction for ultra-fast, low-impedance current and voltage transfer.

    The complex topology of Micro Mono-Filament conductors is especially effective in dissipating mechanical energy present on the AC line, which otherwise enters your delicate electronics. Frey 2 adds additional conductors, further diminishing low-level storage and charging effects, creating wider, faster dynamic response and resulting in a more dramatic, involving and realistic musical response.

    Consistency of design and materials across the entire Norse 2 Series means that you can easily create a clearly prioritized, no compromise system-wide cable solution, from wall socket to loudspeaker terminals, with each link in the chain specifically optimized for a purpose, finally unleashing your equipment’s full performance potential.

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  • IsoTek Sequel Bundle... 3X IsoTek EVO3 Sequel + any IsoTek Conditioner or Powerboard, 20% off

    We get asked a lot in the shop, how much of a difference do power cables actually make in a HiFi and it's definetely more than you'd think if you're asking that question yourself.

    Our environments are becoming noisier and noisier with 'invisible' frequencies. Things like our WiFi, bluetooth signals not to mention all the more traditional radio frequencies out there can be picked up by power cables that act as antennas in the right circumstances. Then these signals are transmitted into our HiFi. You'll hear it as background noise which will hide details in the music. Clean up your power will clean up your music!

    This is the perfect opportunity to get started in the world of clean power! 20% off a bundle of products that'll have your HiFi sounding the way it should minus the humdrum of our modern environments.

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  • Isotek EVO 3 Optimum 2m

    The Optimum is the fourth of IsoTek’s high-performance power cables to be upgraded to the new advanced EVO3 (Evolution 3) version, and is clearly positioned at the top of the range. The new EVO3 Optimum delivers radical advances over its predecessor, the earlier GII version. Cutting-edge thinking in terms of conductor geometries has been combined with excellent materials to develop a cable of superlative quality. At the Optimum’s core are three silver plated copper conductors made from Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper. The OCC process for refining copper, developed and patented by Professor Ohno of Japan’s Chiba Institute of Technology, gives a vastly superior level of purity compared with traditional OFC copper. The benefits for audio and AV applications include outstanding electrical conductivity along with improved flexibility and resistance to fatigue and corrosion. Each of the three 3.0sqmm conductors features a new and innovative square-shaped configuration of 40 strands, each strand also being of square cross-section. This unique design provides an enlarged inter-strand contact surface, further enhancing electrical conductivity. A high quality Teflon FEP dielectric (insulation) is extruded over each conductor, providing a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. The three conductors are given a slight rotational twist to aid RFI and EMI rejection, and are then surrounded by a cotton filler which, as well is adding internal strength and reducing microphony, also possesses superb dielectric properties – similar to FEP. The whole construction is then double shielded by first enclosing it in a Mylar wrap to provide an additional dielectric buffer, before applying an active OFC copper shield for maximum rejection of high frequency interference. A durable, heat-resistant PVC outer jacket gives a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength. Learn More

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  • Analysis Plus Power Oval 2. 1.5M AUS/IEC

    The Power Oval 2 is a 10 AWG cable with an improved
    braided shield and a transmission line design helps keep
    noise out of your components. These cables are very
    flexible, which makes them easy to install into any system.
    The Oval 2 brings cleaner high frequencies and a wider
    soundstage and well as a controlled bottom end. Reference
    level. Currently terminated with gold Furutech ends. Made in

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  • Isol-8 Powerline Ultra (6 way Transmodal Filter) Made in the UK

    The PowerLine Ultra is fully power conditioned, surge protected, and optimised for audio. 2 Direct Connection outlets are provided, filtered by a high current shunt filter, and is suitable for loads such as amplifiers. The remaining outputs are for source components and benefit from ISOL-8s Transmodal filter technology. Noise in mains wiring can be transmitted and induced in many ways, some are easier to deal with than others. As a result, many power conditioners are not completely effective. ISOL-8s Transmodal filters effectively attenuate all modes of transmitted and induced mains noise, without dumping it to ground, so you can be sure that your system benefits from the cleanest possible power.

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  • Chord Signature ARAY Power Cable 1.5m

    The Signature ARAY power cable is our latest mains power connector. Its design has been influenced by the research that led to the newest version of our flagship power cable, the Chord Sarum Super ARAY. Not only is the cable a completely new design, so are the plugs. The UK mains plug has been custom made for us and features heavily silver-plated pins and a special cover that allows us to apply mechanical damping to the plug. Learn More
  • Isol-8 Powerline Axis (5 way DC Blocking Power board) Made in the UK

    The PowerLine Axis provides an innovative cure to the problem of DC on the mains supply. In theory the mains waveform should be pure AC: a perfect, symmetrical sine wave. In practice the waveform can arrive at the end user clipped, distorted and asymmetrical with a significant DC voltage component. The AC transformers commonly found in equipment power supplies cannot, by nature, tolerate significant DC without being compromised. The PowerLine Axis has five high quality outlets served by a network that re-centres the voltage axis of the mains waveform. This eliminates any DC voltage on the mains power supply, suppressing mechanical hum and liberating performance. Surge protection provides peace of mind too.

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  • IsoTek Premier Bundle...3 Premier power cables with any conditioner or power board, 15% off

    Clean power that can filter out the ever increasing invisible frequencies in our urban environment is a game changer for HiFi and becoming more and more important. Power cables themselves can act like antenna that pick up all sorts of signals in the home feeding them into your HiFi system. Things like WiFi, Bluetooth as well as our more traditional notion of radio frequencies can all be picked up by a power cable and amplified through our HiFi. Good quality, highly insulated power cables stop those frequencies affecting the detail and precision in your HiFi.

    Then there's devices that sit on the same electrical circuit of our house that cause more unwanted noise in our systems. Things like cheap or faulty fridges and LED lights are major culprits. Having a filtering powerboard or going all out with a conditioner will help stop those nasties making it into the system.

    Get yourself a starter pack with 3 power cables and any of the powerboards or conditioners in the Isotek range for 15% off.

    Price listed is for the Premier bundle with an Isotek Gemini 2-way conditioning power board. Select the drop down box for other options. 

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  • Nordost Heimdall 2 Power Cable 1m IEC (Longer lengths available below)

    Nordosts foray into their Micro Mono Filament technology. Basically, they have these wonderful patented machines which are able to manufacture cabling wrapped in Air. Air being one of the best dielectrics for transparency, ask NASA about this. Unfortunately in order to do this the machines take hours per metre hence the high price tag. BUT......They need to be heard in you're system to be believed, paired with the right electronics they make all the difference. Learn More

  • Isotek EVO 3 Elite Power Cable 2m

    EVO3 Elite is a true high-end power cable that uses unique 7-core geometry, high purity copper, and high purity FEP to offer astonishing performance. It is the ideal upgrade for source components, CD players, music servers, DAC’s or preamplifiers. Elite can be used with small to medium power amplifiers to great effect but for very large power amplifiers EVO3 Optimum proves the better choice. Elite offer fantastic extension and frequency range, lowering noise floor and making an exceptionally stable sound stage. Another top class cable at a very reasonable price point. Learn More

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  • Analysis Plus Power Oval 10 1.5m Power Cable AUS/IEC

    The power Oval 10 Green or Purple is a 10AWG 600 Volts CL2 UL
    approved power cable designed for high current
    applications. It is also very capable with low current analog
    and digital equipment. Easily recognisable by the deep
    green jacket and currently terminated with gold Furutech
    ends. Made in USA

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  • Nordost Red Dawn Power Cable 1m IEC

    Excellent cable choice for high powered integrated amplifiers and power amps where current delivery is critical. Learn More

  • Isotek Sequel 2M

    EVO3 Sequel power cable offers increased performance over IsoTek's multi-award winning Premier, featuring optimised conductor strand geometry and active shielding.

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