PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamplifier

We are Vinyl lovers at Carlton Audio Visual. The people who work here love Vinyl and without exception have a record player at home...most have multiple! Our customers have also held the torch for vinyl through the long dark years of the nineties and early 2000s when most had forgotten about the joys of a Turntable, we had a dedicated and passionate team of clients and staff who loved their LPs. Since then Turntables have become trendy and people have rediscovered why they were loved for so long.

And when customers are at a point in their journey where the lifelong admiration and obsession with vinyl and HiFi has taken hold, we recommend the Stellar Phono Stage. It will last a lifetime of cartridge upgrades and swaps. It will extract the most out of a $8499 cartridge (Van den Hul Crimson Stradivarius MC is a sensational pairing with this unit) as it will with a $500 Moving Magnet cartridge.

You'll hear control, detail and presence; There's a spatial awareness in the sound and transparency that reveals itself when you plug this into any system. And it performs well above its pay grade. We really believe to better this you'll have to pay $17K for some Audio Research gear and hell...even then, I'd say some people will still prefer this phono stage for it's clarity in the mid range.

The only thing that we find annoying about requires a remote control to operate. You'll need that in the very first instance to turn its mute off in order to get any sound. And then of course all its plethora of settings that give it such versatility for all cartridges are adjusted on the remote. So don' us...loose the remote! *

Also, you need to be patient with this machine and run it in. It really is night and day the difference that makes. We even have some Blue Horizon RIAA filters to use as burn in tools on new units so you don't have to put hours on your cartridge burning in the phono stage. We can do that in store for free, for you.

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*Remote was found...and we now tape the remote to the unit :/ 

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