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  • Loewe Bild 3 55 S2 inch TV, OLED

    Step it up a notch to OLED with Loewe and you won't be dissapointed.

    OLED TVs do away with the need to have a Backlight on the screen which inevitably causes bleed through onto the panel reducing colour and picture accuracy. Organic LEDs are different from normal LEDs in that they can individually switch themselves off. This is why people first notice the incredible blackness on an OLED screen - a traditional LED or LCD screen always has some residual light shining through. 

    The Bild 3.55 is where the OLED screens begin in the Loewe range and like all Loewe products they offer a build quality far and above other manufacturers who also utilise OLED technology.

    Firstly, they have a built-in dedicated soundbar to enhance your listening experience where the bulk of a dedicated sound system isn't practical. Secondly, the Aluminium chassis oozes class and elegance as well as rigidity.


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    Regular Price: $4,999.00

    Special Price $3,799.00

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  • BenQ W5700 True 4K Projector ... market leader for middle Australian home cinema

    This is the outright king of video performance in DLP 4K projectors for this money. The image is shockingly sharp when first encountered and this is an ideal upgrade if you have an older Sony /Sharp type device that is ready for a contemporary upgrade. Learn More

    Regular Price: $4,199.00

    Special Price $3,990.00

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  • Marantz AV7706, Surround Sound Processor, Pre-amplifier

    For the best in home theatre, going separates is a no brainer. This allows for you to pimp out your system with big power amplifiers. Delivering sonic improvement by simply taking sensitive pre-amplifier circuitry away from the large (and inevitably noisy) power transformers of the power amps. The big chassis allows for the full feature set to be packed inside without compromising circuitry layout and performance.

    A superior product for those who want superior home theatre.

    Marantz AV7706 page here

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  • Marantz MM8077...7 Channel Power Amplifier

    A more powerful big brother to the MM7055/MM7025 (150W RMS) and also runs more channels of amplification. This is the unit that regularly forms the basis of the most kick-ass systems. This will deliver a true cinema audio experience in your home but it'll also deliver exceptional music with a warmth and depth of tone. Learn More
  • Loewe Bild i 48" Television

    The new series of OLED Televisions by Loewe will land on Australian shores soon. 

    With this new range of Televisions, Loewe is bringing their OLED screens into a more affordable price bracket. With the 48" coming in at $3999, we're anticipating that the new i series will be their most popular models yet. 

    Loewe were the first manufacturers of Televisions in 1923 and have continued their legacy of producing quality products for nearly 100 years. Like a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW this German brand of Television is built with a higher set of expectations in mind. Loewe's do without the gimics and fads. They create TVs that outlast their Asian competitors in terms of picture quality for multiple generations. And their build quality is second to none.

    We've had many interior designers who buy Loewe for their own homes come to us for Televisions. The elegance and reputation of a Loewe is something else.

    The quality on the finish of these TVs is second to none as one has come to expect with Loewe. Details like all the wiring funelled through a centralised metal pole (no plastic here) and a table stand that you're able to pivot for optimising your viewing angle are taken care of unlike in most Asian TV models.

    These new Loewes also come with Native built-in apps and the remote control even has a dedicated set of buttons for quick access to Netflix and Youtube.

    Speakers are located on the back of the panels for these models. There is an option to buy this Television with a Soundbar that clips onto the front of the TV as well - the Bild i s 48.

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  • Marantz SR7015...one of our best for musicality AV Receiver

    Marantz AV Receivers are a staple of our business here at Carlton Audio Visual. It's not just by accident that we use Marantz in our reference Home Theatre system with the mighty Krix MX 30 speaker array (see our entry for the MX30 here). They are tonally richer and more musical than any other AV Receiver on the market. There's no squinting at some slightly harsh notes in the top register, there's a smoothness and coherency in the sound which is second to none.

    The usual question from customers is 'why not a Denon?'. They are afterall made in the same factory, under the same parent company, Sound United and they do share alot of the same features and engineering. However they only share 57% of the same parts with comparable Denons and more importantly their circuit topography and they way those common parts are utilised are completely different. The only bits that are in effect the same are the video boards. Everything that is there to make the sound, is completely different. Marantz gets the better parts in it: the big toroidal transformers, audiophile grade capacitors, copper plated chassis and just generally a higher parts count.

    On top of that, the Marantz receivers are given a specific audio tuning to make sure they have the Marantz sound that they're synonymous with.

    The SR7015 is no exception to this. Only the utmost care and attention to detail has been put into this unit. 

    This is the official US site for the Marantz SR7015 with all it's technical specifications and much more!

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  • Krix Cyclonix 18 Active ... a giant amongst us ... 18 inches and very black

    The Krix Cyclonix Active is a for-goodness-sake real thing 18inch Subwoofer massively amplified for fundamental low frequency reproduction. Large enough to need "incorporating" rather than "putting" in a room. From our favourite South Australian loudspeaker company ..$3995.

    This is not something you can readily move from room to room ... it is big amd black with the menace of the Christine the Devil Car from that rather awful eighties movie ...

    If you get within a whimper of being allowed to own one of these then you will probably have a special room with padding where you can be ... secure ...

    You may well be that sort of chap who also has a 750 HP street legal Ute (hi Dave)... or a Triumph Rocket Three with an add on Turbo Charger ...

    Or simply someone wanting a really good and professional Cinema sound experience in their home.

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  • Elektra HD2 7 Channel

    The 7 Channel larger, multi-channel power amplifier in Elektra's range is a brilliant upgrade for a dedicated home theatre. It provides a warmth in tonality and control that's not found in the larger 'big brand' units.

    Made and designed in Melbourne by Arthur Rappos, the care and thought that goes into each unit is demonstrated by the sound quality of the finished product.

    For those in-the-know, you've got to listen to an Elektra if you're in the market for multi-channel power amplification.

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  • Samsung LSP7T Ultra short throw 4k laser projector

    This new projector is targeted directly at those of us who live in apartments and are possibly precluded from a conventional overhead back of room installation by reason of tenancy or room construction. It is designed to be sat very close to the wall to easily produce a 130 inch image with UHDR 4k Laser quality.

    The official Samsung LSP7T site 

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    Regular Price: $5,995.00

    Special Price $4,499.00

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  • Anthem MRX740 11.2 seven channel home theatre amplifier

    Anthem is "the other woman" of the surround sound Receiver market and is a quality alternative to the tier one Denon/Marantz/Yamaha products. This is the first integrated Receiver available of the new 40 series and it has the latest version of their acclaimed ARC Genesis room correction circuitry. The Bass management is considered the best in the business. The MRX740 is seven x 100 watts ... approximately ... and it's output stage is able to be rematrixed so that you can put a power amp on the main channels and use the internal channels for the surround speakers. This is a great amp for growing into a full blown 11.2 Atmoa speaker system.

    Anthem homepage for the MRX740 

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  • Sony Bravia Masters Series A90J 65" OLED Television...Bright and Sublime!

    I've been waiting and anxious for this model to of TV to drop in Austrlia and it's finally here! We've put it right in the window of the main shop too. Prime position facing Lygon st. 

    We sell alot of OLEDs but this one is just that much brighter. The colour really pops even in front of our floor to ceiling window at the front of the shop. There's barely any annoying reflectivity on the panel's protective layer which goes to show the quality of materials used in its construction.

    Replete with all of Sony's newest Cognitive Processor XR technology that's working behind the scenes to make sure your blacks are true black and that it's Sony's brightest ever OLED.

    Motion with the unit is also superb and you can really tell it's a quality TV when you put it up against the cheaper units in the Sony range.

    Sony's built in smart features seem endless and most importantly are very intuitive to use!

    Come by and try it for yourself.

    We have the 65" on display but it also comes in a 83" (call us for pricing)

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  • Epson TW9400 LCD Video Projector

    This hot hatch of mid range video projectors is very bright and powerful. It has been getting outstanding reviews from the critics for its forceful bright image and versatility.

    The 9400 has a couple of outstanding characteristics in the Australian market ... it has a full three year warranty that uniquely includes the globe, and replacement globes are only $110 trade ...

    Larger than its Sony competitors and not quite as smooth an image, but excellent for a theatre situation with some residual light, good adjustability and set up options.

    Comes in White and Black. Please call for availability of colour options.

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  • Loewe Bild i 55"

    The new Bild i from Loewe is an evolution of what has already been some hugely successful german made Television models. The new i offers upgraded software to better integrate modern smarts into the Television like Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime. It also boasts the new SL7 chassis for an even sleeker, streamlined aesthetic. All the i range of Loewe Televisions have the latest in OLED panel technology.

    There is an invisible (tucked behind the screen) soundbar that has been improved upon from earlier models. But distinctively pleasing with the new i range is the ability to add on the Klang bar i Soundbar simply by clicking it into place underneath the TV for a neat and easy upgrade to the sound on the Television.

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  • Vivitek HK2299......Ultra HD projector for the home cinema enthusiast

    EXCELLENT CONNECTIVITY The Vivitek HK2299 gives you the performance you demand under demanding presentations. Demanding presentation require keen connections: HDMI 3, Mini USB, Audio Out, USB Power (5V/1.5A), RS232 Learn More
  • Denon AVC-X6700H Surround Amplifier ... massively endowed cinema sound

    I have always loved the large Denon amplifiers ... both personally and professionally. Personally the tonal neutrality and speed and grip without harshness is deeply appealing. These big devices are able to tame loudspeakers that would otherwise present as intolerably bright or numbingly dull. This is the new Japanese made statement product that although it is only nominally 20 watts more than the AVRX4700H is all about the dynamic presentation and real world loudspeaker driving capability. in Home Cinema amplifiers the wattage quoted is one of the most marketer abused specifications and has no bearing on how a device actually sounds.

    Denon UK official site for the AVC6700H  

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  • Krix Neuphonix Mk2

    The mighty Neuphonix is the top of the range of Krix floorstanding home speakers. Like a Mission 753 in configuration but much better performance.

    There's no finer way to break one's own ribcage than to put a kick drum in the chamber and pull the trigger on the Krix flagship speakers. A true three way cross over ensures the crisp mids and high notes are not muddled by the awesome power of the 4-driver bass array.

    There is an in wall version of this loudspeaker that is surely amongst the best architectural loudspeakers available.

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  • Sony VPL-VW270ES Projector three chip DILA true 4k ... no chip shifting ... no rainbowing ... the real thing ...ex display one left ...$5500

    This is the first in the lineup of three chip DILA 4K projectors from the acknowledged leader in consumer video projectors.

    For a ridiculously smooth and articulate image free from rainbowing or chicken wire or "wobulator" haze effects this is the way to go. There are other cheaper ways of playing back a 4K image but they all use derivative 2K chips. This Sony is the real thing.

    The VPLVW 270 has a fantastic reliability record and duty cycle. These devices are really hard to hurt in spite of their beauty and performance.

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    Regular Price: $8,995.00

    Special Price $5,500.00

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  • Loewe Bild 5 65 inch OLED TV with table stand & speaker, Last one EX-DEMO

    A versatile option to get a brilliant quality OLED 65 inch screen made in the European Union with a soundbar and table stand all packaged into one sleek unit. 

    These Bild 5 OLED TV are really the superior units in terms of colour and resolution for their price in the Australian market. Set up in our new showroom against other TVs, the difference is plain to see.

    This is the version for those who need a soundbar attached and or want to have it on top of a shelf or entertainment unit. This is the mid-point in the Bild 5.65 range.

    This unit is in perfect condition and we can (contactlessly) deliver to areas within Metro Melbourne for free as well as some areas in Regional Victoria. Please call us to discuss.

    The unit also comes with a full 2 year  in-home Warranty

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    Regular Price: $9,799.00

    Special Price $5,750.00

  • Row One Prestige 3 Seater Cinema Chairs


    • Refrigerated LED Cupholders

    • LED Lighting Strip Under the Seat controlled from Cup Holder

    • USB port included in the cupholder

    • Storage Arms and Tray

    • 1.8 Density Foam with Pocketed Coil Spring Seats

    • Near-the-wall, Super Quiet Power Recline

    • Quality Okin motors

    • Fully Padded Arms, Sides and Backs

    • Ganging devices installed to lock the chairs together

    • Straight or Curved Configurations

    • Warranty: 5 Years on Frame, 3 Years on Recline Mechanism, 1 Year Electrical and Material Coverings

    Leather / Split Leather Finish. Add $300 per seat for Full Leather - Special Order.

    Row One seats use Top Grain Leather for all parts of the seat except the sides and back which are split leather.

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  • Marantz SR8015 Flagship Japanese built 11.2 Channel 8K Amplifier

    Alot of us who work at Carlton Audio Visual are musicians of various kinds. Paul has played guitar and bass for decades, gigging around Melbourne in his youth. Martin has played various instruments in a couple of bands and then there's Magnus and myself who were classically trained and did our time at different Conservatoriums around the world.

    I mention this because it provides some background as to why we keep choosing Marantz amplifiers over the plethora of other units available. When you've spent decades perfecting your own bow control so you can play a certain passage with just that perfect articulation, you NEED a system where you can hear other artists doing the same. When an amp washes over that kind of detail, you loose all those bits of musical communication that makes the music come alive. When it's right, it grabs you. Even if you're not musically inclined it's these details that will have you sitting up and paying attention.

    Marantz does the details soooo well. They put the effort into making sure each little capacitor and the smallest of smallest parts is chosen so that the whole unit doesn't over emphasise one frequency band over another. The Toroidal transformer is solid and provides the power that means all speaker drivers are controlled and will produce these details that captivate audiences.

    And I know what you're going to say at this point...it's an AV Receiver, it's built for Home Theatre, not music reproduction. But just think how much of a movie has music playing in the background. It's over 50%. And if that music makes you tear up or makes you angry, that's not by accident. That's what good soundtracks are designed to do. and having an amp that gets all those nuances is what elevates the cinema experience to the next level.

    And that's why we at Carlton Audio Visual grab a Marantz amp when we're setting up our own demo rooms, when one of our customers wants 'the best home theatre they can afford' or for that matter our own systems at home - we're musicians and we understand what music done well can do. 

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