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  • Marantz AV8805 Dolby Atmos Surround Sound preamplifier with MM8077 Power Amplifier

    It's a terrible thing to have a high end single box surround receiver that becomes outdated due to changes in HDMI and audio codecs. Often that means discarding a perfectly good multichannel receiver because of changes to digital encoding practices. Turning what was five years ago your pride and joy into 15KGs of consumer electronic waste looking for a cosy grave in Northern Suburban landfill ...

    Then you buy the replacement model from the same brand and you discover that while it ticks all the feature boxes with bluetooth, wi-fi, dlna. snaggle waggle ... unfortunately it dosn't sound as good with music and dynamic theatre as the model you've just discarded.

    So the first reason you buy a Surround pre and Power combination like this one is to get off the aforesaid Hamster wheel of Built In Obsolescence and waste.

    The second reason is that it sounds fantastic.

    Home Theatre Review on the AV8805

    Home Theatre Review on the MM8077

    When you graduate to a pre and power amplifier like this you have the best of both worlds. The very sensitive low noise circuitry of the preamplifier and processor is separated from the high current demand of the power amplifier and is able to do its job of recovering all the residucal fine detail of the signal to the best possible degree.

    Meanwhile the power amplifier can be unleashed from the sensitive circuits of the pre-amplifier where its mass of current can be detrimental. Liberated and with massive current reserves, the power amplifier is able to grip and modulate the reactive load of the loudspeakers with unmitigated force complying with the complex demands of the sinal produced at the preamplifier stage.

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  • Denon AVC110

     The Japanese Emperor of surround amplifiers ... 13.2 channels 8K 110th Anniversary product

    Emperor NinkĊ - Wikipedia

    When you want the very best of technology to meet artisanship and outright quality in surround sound only Japanese will do.

    It is a very substantial upgrade from the AVCX8500 with things like thicker circuit boards and dedicated custom capacitors all to improve sound quality.

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  • Denon AVC-X8500HA 13 Channel Flagship

    Denon have this thing ... when they do a surround amp range they like to make a generational statement that throws down the gauntlet to other manufacturers.

    The AVC X8500ha is this generations gauntlet ...

    We have had a long affair with top of the range Denon amplifiers. We built our surround sound space in the local marketplace with the very first Denon AVR2000 Receiver and then hammered it in with the AVCA1 THX amplifiers. We still have customers out there who own these amps twenty five years later using the 5.1 multichannel input running from an external decoder in a Blu Ray Player. The AVC X8500HA will be for those discerning consumers that are able to purchase a surround sound amp that will keep their cinema going for longer and better.

    "Home Cinema Choice" on the Denon AVC-X8500H.

    Denon AVC-X8500H Official release video website.

    Official 8500 website.


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  • Yamaha RXA8A ... Le grand mal of theatre receivers. Now on demo

    One the marketplace has been waiting for ... Yamaha’s take on flagship surround sound. The RXA8A is a beautiful piece of audio engineering.

    The question is .... does this mean that this new beast is now a contender against the no compromise Denon AVC110 and Marantz SR8015?

    You are going to have to come to Carlton Audio Visual and try them together to see which suits your taste best :-) .

    In an unusual marketing offer Yamaha are proffering a rather gorgeous steel “Aventage” watch worth $669 with every RX8A purchased.

    Yamaha RXA8A official page 

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  • Marantz SR8015 Flagship Japanese built 11.2 Channel 8K Amplifier

    Alot of us who work at Carlton Audio Visual are musicians of various kinds. Paul has played guitar and bass for decades, gigging around Melbourne in his youth. Martin has played various instruments in a couple of bands and then there's Magnus and myself who were classically trained and did our time at different Conservatoriums around the world.

    I mention this because it provides some background as to why we keep choosing Marantz amplifiers over the plethora of other units available. When you've spent decades perfecting your own bow control so you can play a certain passage with just that perfect articulation, you NEED a system where you can hear other artists doing the same. When an amp washes over that kind of detail, you loose all those bits of musical communication that makes the music come alive. When it's right, it grabs you. Even if you're not musically inclined it's these details that will have you sitting up and paying attention.

    Marantz does the details soooo well. They put the effort into making sure each little capacitor and the smallest of smallest parts is chosen so that the whole unit doesn't over emphasise one frequency band over another. The Toroidal transformer is solid and provides the power that means all speaker drivers are controlled and will produce these details that captivate audiences.

    And I know what you're going to say at this's an AV Receiver, it's built for Home Theatre, not music reproduction. But just think how much of a movie has music playing in the background. It's over 50%. And if that music makes you tear up or makes you angry, that's not by accident. That's what good soundtracks are designed to do. and having an amp that gets all those nuances is what elevates the cinema experience to the next level.

    And that's why we at Carlton Audio Visual grab a Marantz amp when we're setting up our own demo rooms, when one of our customers wants 'the best home theatre they can afford' or for that matter our own systems at home - we're musicians and we understand what music done well can do. 

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  • Denon AVC-X6700H Surround Amplifier ... massively endowed cinema sound

    I have always loved the large Denon amplifiers ... both personally and professionally. Personally the tonal neutrality and speed and grip without harshness is deeply appealing. These big devices are able to tame loudspeakers that would otherwise present as intolerably bright or numbingly dull. This is the new Japanese made statement product that although it is only nominally 20 watts more than the AVRX4700H is all about the dynamic presentation and real world loudspeaker driving capability. in Home Cinema amplifiers the wattage quoted is one of the most marketer abused specifications and has no bearing on how a device actually sounds.

    Denon UK official site for the AVC6700H  

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  • Anthem MRX740 11.2 seven channel home theatre amplifier

    Anthem is "the other woman" of the surround sound Receiver market and is a quality alternative to the tier one Denon/Marantz/Yamaha products. This is the first integrated Receiver available of the new 40 series and it has the latest version of their acclaimed ARC Genesis room correction circuitry. The Bass management is considered the best in the business. The MRX740 is seven x 100 watts ... approximately ... and it's output stage is able to be rematrixed so that you can put a power amp on the main channels and use the internal channels for the surround speakers. This is a great amp for growing into a full blown 11.2 Atmoa speaker system.

    Anthem homepage for the MRX740 

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  • Marantz of our best for musicality AV Receiver

    Marantz AV Receivers are a staple of our business here at Carlton Audio Visual. It's not just by accident that we use Marantz in our reference Home Theatre system with the mighty Krix MX 30 speaker array (see our entry for the MX30 here). They are tonally richer and more musical than any other AV Receiver on the market. There's no squinting at some slightly harsh notes in the top register, there's a smoothness and coherency in the sound which is second to none.

    The usual question from customers is 'why not a Denon?'. They are afterall made in the same factory, under the same parent company, Sound United and they do share alot of the same features and engineering. However they only share 57% of the same parts with comparable Denons and more importantly their circuit topography and they way those common parts are utilised are completely different. The only bits that are in effect the same are the video boards. Everything that is there to make the sound, is completely different. Marantz gets the better parts in it: the big toroidal transformers, audiophile grade capacitors, copper plated chassis and just generally a higher parts count.

    On top of that, the Marantz receivers are given a specific audio tuning to make sure they have the Marantz sound that they're synonymous with.

    The SR7015 is no exception to this. Only the utmost care and attention to detail has been put into this unit. 

    This is the official US site for the Marantz SR7015 with all it's technical specifications and much more!

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  • Yamaha RXA6A Aventage. Home Cinema Receiver

    Another in the new Aventage flagship line of Surround Receivers from Yamaha. This one is just one below the almighty RX-A8A which is their top of the range. And it boasts the same power 2 chanels driven as the RX-A8A at 150W. As opposed to the RX-A8A, it has 9 chanels and not the full 11.

    A hefty amp to get your blood pressure up and experience the real thrill of Home Cinema.

    Check out all its specs at Yamaha's official website


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  • Denon AVC-X4700H

    8K ready 9.2 channel home theatre receiver

    It's easy to get cynical about new surround receivers. Let's be frank some of the most advertised and hyped format changes in the all - critical video sections of these amplifiers have turned techno trash heaps of laughably useless facility, how many people do you know who are wearing their 3D glasses to watch TV?

    However there is a particular security in buying a Denon Receiver at this level. You absolutely know that you are getting the most state of art video and audio decoding without missing out on any hidden acronyms but in a 4000 series surround amplifier you also get a really solid multichannel amplification output stage with real dynamics and excellent tonal neutrality.

    It's been a long battle and many other manufacturers have fallen behind on their feature set or degraded output stage quality as they go through their yearly model evolutions ... generally the more mainstream tier one the product the lower the quality of amplification and video chipset allied to the higher the claims made in their brochures.

    Partly this has been due to the commoditisation of the surround sound receiver so that the victor is the one with the lowest price and the most number of watts on the bulk stack of the floor of Walmart or Costco or online at Amazon. Many of these attractively packaged boxes have amplification inside that is literally lower quality than an eighties ghetto blaster 

    "Home Cinema Choice" on the AVCX4700H. 

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  • Marantz SR6015 8K Surround Receiver ... musicality included

    As lockdown has hit Melbourne for the 4th time, we know alot of people will be watching alot of Netflix. So we're running a special on some units where we have excess stock! Take advantage of these special pricings. 

    The Marantz SR6015 is one of our favourite surround amplifiers for combining musicality with a comprehensive set of Cinema features. The Marantz designers have done a really good job on the output stage. It has a decent phono input and is intended to be properly assayed by critical consumers through good quality loudspeakers rather than sold as an unopened box.

    Official Australian SR6015 website 

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  • Leema Corvus, EX-DEMO

    An answer to a problem you didnt think you had. Our ex display Leema Corvus will work wonders integrating into high end home theatres where the user would like to improve the performance of their centre speaker and subwoofer control. Ex display. Unit has been here for a while, to move it we would be happy to do an excellent deal on a centre channel & or subwoofer.

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    Regular Price: $6,999.00

    Special Price $2,999.00

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  • Denon AVC-X3700H king of middle Australian home theatre Receivers

    There is that middle Australian lifestyle that we all expected to have before decades of deindustrialisation and Thomas Piketty levels of inequity of Capital became part of our social landscape. In this ideal Australia we don't need three degrees but can still do an honest days labour with weekends off and four weeks guaranteed holiday. We can come home in a good family saloon to a nice house with a garden and the kitchen has a dishwasher and there are two toilets.

    The living room has a 65 inch Television and there is a decent Home Cinema System with floorstanding speakers at the front and in ceiling speakers at the back with a second zone outdoors for the Sunday afternoon Barbecue with the neighbours.

    The Denon AVCX3700H is the thinking middle Australian's family theatre amplifier. This Receiver is a synergistic fit for this way of life that is a substantial cut above the basic mass marketer packages. I dreamed of an amp like this when I had a young family in the suburbs.

    UK official website for the Denon AVCX3700  


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  • Yamaha RXA4A Aventage. Home Cinema Receiver.

    The RX-A4A is where the beams cross for quality and value in a serious Home Theatre Receiver. At $2399 it has a very crisp and authoratative presentation that is suited to people looking for a forward sound with one of the safest brand names in the industry.

    The Aventage series Receivers offer a unique five year warranty by registration for Australian customers.

    The official Yamaha RXA4A website here.


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  • Marantz SR5015 8K Receiver for home cinema ...

    Right in the sweet spot of our particular market at Carlton Audio Visual we have been selling Marantz 5000 series Receivers for over twenty five years. They have always been our particular favourite for musicality combined with surround sound and exceptional reliability at their particular price point.

    Official UK site for the SR5015.

    Designed to deliver impactful and nuanced home cinema and listening experiences, the 8K-ready AV receiver line offers the most musical sound from any source, including home theater, vinyl and streaming media. Like all Marantz products, the 2020 SR-Series AVRs are extensively tuned by world-renowned acousticians at state-of-the-art facilities, producing Marantz's unique audiophile-quality sound. This, paired with the AV industry's latest array of technologies, enables more immersion, visual beauty and detailed power than ever before.

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  • Denon AVR-X2700H, 8K Receiver

    Two zone 7 channel 8K Atmos for the proletariat

    Denon 2000 series Receivers have been the ham and cheese for our business sandwich for nearly thirty years. We expect the new AVRX2700H to retain all the traditional virtues of tonal neutrality and excellent video signal handling of its predecessors.

    This newest one has some cool stuff ... the 8K video handling may be a moot point but the Bluetooth transmission and Heos streaming built in are totally practical. Full spec PDF for the AVRX2700H  "What Hi-Fi?" on the AVRX2700H  A very handy comparison guide to all the AVRX Denon Receivers  

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  • Yamaha RXA2A Aventage Home Cinema Receiver. Crisp, new, and glossy. Five Year Warranty

    This is the first of the new range to be available in Australia. Expect a crisp up front sonic presentation with good durability.

    Playing the unit in our dem room reveals an impactive tonality with plenty of upper mid presence that potentially adds sparkle and engagement to a sound track. It's a matter for speaker matching and personal taste as to wther thuis appropriate for your your system.

    Uniquely for a very complex Theatre Receiver product Yamaha are offering a five year warranty through registration for their Avantage series units.

    They have gone for an unusual piano gloss finish that is a touch Yamaha Grand.

    One loves the central volume knob as being quintessentially functional.

    Official manufacturer's site for the RXA2A 

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  • Marantz NR1711 8K 7.2 Channel Slimline Surround Sound Amplifier

    The Marantz NR1711 7.2ch 8K AV receiver drives immersive, high-fidelity audio from a compact chassis. At half the height of a traditional AV receiver, the NR1711 supports multi-dimensional audio formats Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X.

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  • Marantz NR1200

    This unit is modeled as a network stereo receiver - an amplifier set up for 2 channel stereo with 5 HDMI inputs and one output as well as Heos built on board and an optical and coax in as well. It also has a phono stage for Vinyl admirers and devotees.

    Its slim profile means it's perfect for slipping into existing entertainment units that don't have much space and a great alternative to the often very bulky AV receivers.

    It boasts 75W per channel, plenty of power for a good quality set of floorstanding or bookshelf speakers.

    This is a tick-all-boxes amplifier that a lot of customers will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on.

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  • Denon DRA-800H

    This is the Unit for everyone who needs the functionality and connectivity of a Surround Sound Receiver but not all those Speaker outputs. It's a 2 channel amp (with A + B speaker switch for a second set of speakers) with the latest HDMI connections as well as an Audio Return Channel (ARC for TV Audio), Dual Subwoofer pre-outs, Phono stage and Heos Streaming/Bluetooth/AirPlay. For alot of people, this is the answer to their Hi-Fi problems! Learn More

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