Legend Acoustics, Tripos, Reference 3-way bookshelf speaker

We're very excited to soon have a set of these new Legend Acoustic speakers on our shelves. Designed and manufactured in Australia by Rod Crawford, former head speaker designer for Linn Acoustics. Like all of Rod speakers, they emphasise clarity and purity of musical reproduction. There's no colouration allowed in the signal path here...in fact colouration is a bad word to say in Rod's presence.

The flat frequency response graph of these Tripos is something that other, larger speaker manufacturers can only admire.

Legend acoustics is the epitome of boutique australian loudspeaker design.

Read more about the Tripos here.

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Product Description


It is not often Legend launches a new loudspeaker but today is such a day! Called the Tripos takes its name from “tri” meaning “three” in Ancient Greek and Latin for its 3-way driver system.

Like all Legend speakers it aims to reproduce music as it was recorded with very low distortion so you hear all of the detail and emotion of the music as intended – and not some homogenised or romantised version.

The Tripos fills the gap in our Reference passive speaker range between the 2-way Kurre and the 3.5 way Kantu with elements from both. The cabinet wrap is from the standmount Kurre but with a new baffle to add the midrange unit from the Kantu. As always the cabinets are CAD-designed & CNC cut in Australia - with proprietary bracing that stiffens the cabinets and also results in non-parallel walls to reduce internal standing waves that can jumble the sound.

At the heart of the Tripos is its superb 90mm midrange unit that is also used in our top-of-range Tikandi Grande Be. It is made from high strength Mg alloy coated on each side with very hard ceramic so that it remains pistonic and aurally clean well above its crossover point.

Novel to the Tripos is a tapered chamber behind the midrange driver that more effectively absorbs the back waves from the cone so they do not muddle the forward waves projected into your room. The overall result is very low distortion through the critical midband region allowing these most important frequencies to come through with great clarity and without the muddle of many loudspeakers in this region.

We have included a new tweeter in the Tripos. It also has a ceramic-coated diaphram that combines the exceptional detail of a metal dome with the smoothness and non-fatiguing smooth characteristic of a ceramic one. It reminds me of the tweeter we developed with Tonegen for the last speaker I designed at Linn, the Keltik that replaced their iconic but aging Isobarik DMS speaker.

Finally we have taken from the Kurres and Kantus their low-distortion bass unit made from very strong aluminium-alloy with ribs to further increase their strength so again cone break-up only occurs well above its crossover frequency. Together with excellent motor and suspension systems, the ensuing low distortion allows you to hear tonal structure in bass notes, again resulting in greater realism of the reproduced music – and not just some homogenised version.

All this driver clarity is maintained by the very high quality crossovers critically designed with our long experience to use the drivers over their optimum ranges and to combine them so you hear them as an integrated whole and not individual units. The crossover filters use high quality components including special polypropylene capacitors (often in parallel to reduce distortion), large-gauge air-cored inductors and high-power non-inductive wire-wound resistors, all directly soldered to each other – and to the drivers via high quality wire including Litz wire with individually insulated strands to the midrange and treble drivers.

As shown by the measurements, because the new Tripos are so accurate with such flat frequency response and low distortion they will be very faithful (‘high fidelity’ in its true sense) to your music. Given the right preceding equipment you will hear all the emotional drama and nuances of the artists’ playing. Like being there!

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