Marantz SR6015 8K Surround Receiver, Endangered species, Very limited stock

We have two left of this very popular Surround Sound allrounder. The new Marantz stock is here and we need to clear the old models. This unit still has 8K pass through and 120hz at 4K. As well as the majority of the features of the new models. Take advantage of these special pricings. 

The Marantz SR6015 is one of our favourite surround amplifiers for combining musicality with a comprehensive set of Cinema features. The Marantz designers have done a really good job on the output stage. It has a decent phono input and is intended to be properly assayed by critical consumers through good quality loudspeakers rather than sold as an unopened box.

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Product Description


What makes a good Home Theatre Receiver?

As a category these devices are plagued by technical volatility and a veritable bombardment of acronyms. The HDMI protocols that were built into your new state of the art product seven years ago will no longer communicate with your new Television. The bewildering variety of new surround sound formats leaves consumers gasping for breath on the shoreline of their potential purchase.

Then there are the outright lies and falsehoods promulgated by manufacturers in their brochures and packaging in their desperate attempt to maintain sales in a congested market place. Mostly they have failed to do so. Quoting peak power outputs with colourful box graphics of featuresets as a substitute for genuine quality product simply is sinking to the bottom of the quagmire of  the market and giving potential customers a good reason to buy a Soundbar matched in brand to their Television rather than getting into the seeming complexity of Hi Fi separates.

The Marantz SR6015 is a very good example of how to do it properly.

This is an update to the class leading SR6014 that includes some niceties relating to 8K resolution and Bluetooth, we really like this Receiver. For a specialist retailer with a love of good loudspeakers the SR6015 gives us the potential of maintaining the quality of the musical performance in stereo of the system whilst proffering state of art cinema experience.

The reason for the accomplished performance can be seen here ...


It's all about the output stage being able to deliver current to handle the reactive impedance load imposed upon it by the loudspeakers. Although the 110 watts RMS per channel is an industry standard it is less important than the ability to overcome the backwards electromotive force imposed by the drive units and force them to move according to the signals modulations.

The Marantz has a similar layout to its industry cousin the Denon Receiver range. The interlocking alloy heat sinks is very characteristic of these products but amongst other things it incorporates the proprietary HDAM modules in the preamp stage that lower noise and proffer an excellent level of fine detail.

We are very confident of this Marantz amplifiers ability to drive real world loudspeakers. In the past we have set these up with transducers such as Ambience Ribbons and Sonus faber 83db sensitivity bookshelf products that would normally require a separate power amplifier.

I would invite you to demonstrate this as a stereo amplifier. It has a good Phono stage and can be played in a single pair speaker set up alongside decent stereo amplifiers without letting the side down.

As a pure amplifier product this is a sensible design with a good subjective musical performance. Notably it has a thoroughly decent ability to drive real world loudspeaker loads and it retains an excellent imaging capability in stereo mode. When you have a problem with sound quality and headroom in a cinema system this an amplifier that can be a solution at a very fair price for this combination of quality and features.

Try running it instore through a pair of Legend Kantu if you want to test its musical mettle. There is not another $3000 ish surround amp that we would put anywhere near a pair of these.

Herwewith a chart of the feature differences of the various new 8K Marantz models:

New 2020 8K Models

SR5015 (DAB)









Amplifier Channels

7 Channels

9 Channels

9 Channels

11 Channels

Processing Channels with Preamp Outputs

7.2 Channels

9.2 Channels

11.2 Channels

13.2 Channels

Output Power4

100 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.08%, 2 ch driven)

110 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.08%, 2 ch driven)

125 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.05%, 2 ch driven)

140 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20KHz, THD: 0.05%, 2 ch Driven)

Output Power

180 watts (6ohm, 1ch, 1%)

185 watts (6ohm, 1ch, 1%)

200 watts (6ohm, 1ch, 1%)

205 watts (6ohm, 1ch, 1%)

8K/60 & 4K/120 HDMI Pass Through

8K Upscaling


6 In/ 2 Out

7 In/3 Out

8 In/ 3 Out

8 In/ 3 Out

Dual Sub Out

IMAX Enhanced





Auro 3D










All Zone TV Audio




Integrated Phono Input with HDAM




Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic Volume, Dynamic EQ




Audyssey MultEQ XT32, LFC, Sub EQ HT


About Marantz:

The company can trace its roots back to the dawn of the first mono LP, when Saul Bernard Marantz, a native of New York, was unhappy with the equipment available to play his cherished record collection on. So he had to build his own! Saul officially founded the Marantz Company in 1953. Then, as now, the company’s cornerstones were quality and innovation. For over 60 years, Marantz has been developing unique technologies and bringing landmark hi-fi and home entertainment products to market through its tireless and extensive R&D programs. Such commitment to audio and video excellence ensures each Marantz design delivers class-leading performance. Marantz is a part of Sound United LLC. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Finish No
Power (Watts) No
Phono Stage No
Speaker A/B No
Width No
Height No
Length No

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