A recent survey by Vision Critical across the US, UK, and Canada shows that while there is a strong awareness of 3D TV across these important Anglic consumer marketplaces there is an increasing tendancy for them to ... not have any intention to purchase one ...

That sentiment came with most respondents indicating awareness of the technology. Four in five respondents in the U.S. (81 percent), Britain (81 percent) and Canada (84 percent) said they have heard of household consumer 3D television.

After a brief description, 81 percent of Americans said they probably or definitely would not purchase a 3DTV in the next six months. American men are more likely (17 percent) to purchase than women (10 percent), Vision Critical said.

In Canada, 95 percent said they would "probably" or "definitely" not purchase a 3D television in the next six months. Most of those (71 percent) fall into the "definitely would not buy" category, and respondents in British Columbia were the least likely to buy, at 98 percent, while 5 percent of those in Ontario were more open.

Four in five Britons (81 percent) will not purchase a 3DTV in the next six months. Londoners are more likely to buy compared to those in other parts of Britain. Respondents in the Midlands and Wales are the least likely to purchase a 3DTV in the foreseeable future, according to the report.

An Australian commenting on the report results in Twice magazine said it rather succintly:
"Shocking, in 2011 No one wants technology that didn't fly in the 1950's. Who on earth in the ivory tower with an MBA and never worked a CE sales floor thought 3D was a good idea?"

That being said the real realm for 3D repro is within handheld devices a la Nintendo ... such fun to overlay our mundane realities with colourful icons that we can shoot and disintegrate at will.

Last year I was shown a prototype tablette device with fantastic 3D rendering of a GE turbine engineering design ... how long before we have the iPad4 with 3D 1920 x 1080 capabilities?