There are three shops open in South Carlton ... IGA, the Post Office, and Carlton Audio Visual ... the good thing is that parking has never been better.

We are operating under strict social distance procedures and are equipped with hand sanitiser dispensars and masks and alcohol swabs. We are maintaining our normal hours of operation although we have reduced sales staff presence and have used the rabbit warren of our buildings to disperse our workforce away from the meet and greet area of 164 Lygon St.

Needless to say our phone orders and internet sales have become pre eminent. We give excellent phone by the way .. if you alllow us the time for discussion we can generally select a product in advance of your own impressions with a very high degree of accuracy to suit a particular client. 

We would reccomend that demonstration requests be rung ahead so that we can prepare a space for you please. The good old days of walk in and see what you fancy and try it are not the current operating regime. We have closed the sales areas to casual visitors and you must be invited past the rope barrier that now separates the listening rooms from the front of the store.

The Carlton Audio Visual Install teams are in particular demand. We are able to offer a particularly appropiate set of capabilities going forward that we call our H.O.P.E program ... Home Office Preparation Enabling. This is in ackowledgement that Covid19 has incurred sudden changes in our work/home/study/play environment that will in many cases be permanent.