We absolutely love playing people music and showing off our stuff at Carlton Audio Visual. Along with other small business in Australia and elsewhere we have instituted procedures to as much as possible protect our clients and colleagues when they visit us. There will be hand sanitiser, there will be bleach, there may be rubber gloves. 

Our staff will be practicing safe hygiene procedures as recommended by the World Health Organization, including frequent hand washing, practicing social distancing and correct respiratory hygiene.

We kindly ask that you DO NOT ENTER the premises if:

-          You are currently experiencing the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • fatigue
  • difficulty breathing

-          Or have recently travelled on an aircraft in the last 2 weeks.

Please direct your enquiry over the phone (03 96392737) or email (cavmail@carltonaudiovisual.com.au). We will endeavor to assist you as best we can.

If you are in the “at risk” population to the effects of COVID-19, we would ask you to consider carefully your own wellbeing whether you should enter. As we do interact in close- proximity with the general public and the COVID-19 incubation period has been reported to take up to 2 weeks – we cannot guarantee our staff has not encountered other exposed individuals.

Persons considered at risk are those that:

-          Have compromised immune systems

-          Are elderly;

-          Have chronic medical conditions


For further information on COVID-19, please visit the WHO website (www.who.int), Victoria Health Services webpage (https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus)