The Dynaudio Jupiter Acoustic far field testing chamber is ... awesome .... this is the worlds most comprehensive loudspeaker measuremnt facility in an aircraft hanger sized acoustic chamber. There is a massive crane arm that will lift a loudspeaker into the middle of the space and then rotate it around the massive arc of 31 microphones arranged 6 degrees apart.. This allows for true polar measurements of dispersion and helps Dynaudio create the most homogenic polar response pattern of any loudspeaker in the new Confidence range.

Incidentally the microphones are Bruell & Kjaer worth 1000 Euros each except for the middle one that is worth 2000 Euros ...

Everything in this facility is custom built, they use Matlab analysis software for mid and treble and Kippel for below 80Hz. The chamber is deliberately not entirely anechoic so that certain frequencies are damped to emulate a real world listening environment.

Roland can literally talk all day about bass drivers .... this one he is holding shows the classic cast basket construction with the domed inner radius that are the hallmarks of Dyne bass driver design. These days the cones are manufatured from a unique magnesium silicate compound that has the most precisely governed thickness and rigidity. Interestingly Roland showed us what happens to a Kevlar drive unit from a competitor product under load and the damn thing just folded when driven hard ....

The car drive units are considered the best ICE drivers available. There was a lot of places in the factory ,,, in fact most ... where photography was not allowed as a large part of their drive unit business is supplying speakers to German car manufacturers who specifically forbid any pictorial information to be disseminated that might give away production techniques to competitors. 

Note the three metal 0.25mm thick triangulation rods that are part of the voice coil clearance setting in these drive units under construction. Dynaudio claim that they are able to acheive half the clearance of competitor drive unit designs through their painstaking production techniques.

The painstaking attention to precision and detail is evident everywhere in the factory, everything is clean and people are unhurried and ... extremely careful .... Roland is holding a classic Dynaudio Esotar tweeter, long considered to be the best moving coil tweeter available. The new Confidence range has a high frequency driver that exceeds the performance of this iconic transducer.

These are the previous high end of the range being the Evidence and Consequence. The Consequence is notable for its excessive use of Drive Units and its appalling 82db sensitivity. The new Confidence range is said to be substantially better than either of these. 

The new Confidence range below is what I was there to try; they are of superlative construction with unmatched clarity of reproduction. Dynaudio have a motto of authentic fidelity that these epitomise.

This will not be an inexpensive range of loudspeakers, however the technical proficiency that is on offer here is unmatched by any other transducer manufacturer. Dynaudio claim we will be getting better than Evidence level performance from a loudspeaker that is forty per cent less expensive.

Roland is holding the front baffle moulding of a Confidence 50 that is exquisitely shaped for optimum dispersion characteristics. This is a loudspeaker that must meet the standards of those most analytical and discerning clients who might otherwise buy a B&W or Magico and still be beautiful visually enough to pass the partner aesthetic sensibility exam. 

Dynaudio are a no compromise business and are going to be here for a very long time. I came away away from the visit absolutely impressed by their clarity of direction. It is one of those places where one could imagine it would be nice to work at on the production line or in their admin department. It is so very far removed from some of the Dark satanic mills that I have seen making loudspeakers in China or engines of aristocratic proletariat exploitation of the eighties UK industry. These are nice people with purpose and vision, they have come a long way since the Vikings it seems ...