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It's a new world with a quarter of the worlds population in lockdown and things will never be the same again. Domestic network infrastructure has gone from being something where the evening Netflix show was the most important thing to making provision for families and communities to keep working and being entertained in lock down for weeks on end. We and other organisations with our particular skillsets are the only ones that can help make this work.

We call this our HOPE program ... Home Office Preparation Enabling.

Most home networks are not prepared for the increased level of traffic they are now experiencing. With entire families working around the clock from home the stress on the existing network bandwidth and speed and Wi Fi coverage is causing them to fail at the time when we need them most.

We will come to your home (in appropriate sanitation masks and gloves) and assess your current network capability and office and study and entertainment requirement. 

We will determine your existing network speed and potential and Wi Fi coverage and upgrade as nescessary. We will assess your study and work positions and make sure that they are connected and complete and secured and provide for an integrated whole house hard drive storage if appropriate.

We will go over your televisions and entertainment systems and make sure that it is all linked and streaming services are all in place and upgraded to allow fluidic access to media and music. 

We are able to provide remote monitoring of your home systems that provides a virtual technician to monitor and resolve issues remotely.

We will recommend upgrades as required and are able to offer integration and automation of domestic services such as security, heating and cooling, lighting, CCTV cameras, multi room audio, and home theatre.

In some ways Covid19 is bringing forward the evolutionary change in our work and study environment that was always the promise of the internet. The awful truth is that the office and classroom are potentially obsolete and the lockdown is bringing forward an inevitable cultural evolution. The HOPE program will facilitate this future for your home.