It’s been two years of Covid Hiatus since the Munich High End HiFi show opened its doors and Magnus and I made the journey in anticipation of great things HiFi and great things German culture (ie. German Beer Halls). 

There are three main reasons any HiFi loving person working in the industry should make this pilgrimage, quite apart from the Beer Halls: Firstly, it’s one of those occasions where brands show off new concepts and prototypes. In fact most brands based in Europe will set their whole production schedule around releasing products at the Munich HiFi show. 

Then there’s the blow-your-mind, as-expensive-as-it-gets listening experiences that push the envelope of what HiFi can do. These may not be new products but every minute detail is poured over, no compromises are made in order to produce the very best listening experience. To hear the holy grail, so one may strive for perfection and hope for an easy couple of million Euro to get it… 

Finally it’s meeting the makers, the people behind the brands. Their energy and enthusiasm determines where the brand will or won’t go and seeing the personality they infuse into their products brings brands these brands to life. 

So let’s go through some of the new stuff. Not all of it, because there’s too much to mention. But first on this list is the new Audio Research 320M Mono Blocks.

A hefty set of amplifiers designed for large speakers. These will double the power of the Mono blocks we have running our big Sonus Faber Aida IIs and when they’re available in Australia, they’ll be going straight there. This is still a prototype and we don’t expect to see it on our shores for a couple of months.

Next is the Monitor Audio new Concept 50.


A move away from a traditional box and into the Alien realm. These use the same AMT or Micro Pleated Diaphragm tweeter as the Platinums with a cool ‘array’ of 6 mid-range drivers encircling the inner tweeter making it look like the brain or lifeforce of our other worldly friends. The legs hold four bass drivers that face each other in pairs acting as a cancelling force. These will be the new flagship model of the Monitor Audio range and are tipped to be available by the end of the year.

Not everything that is unveiled at the HiFi show is a flagship model. Meze headphones have released the new 109 Pro to sit between the 99 Classics and the Liric in the middle of their range.

Unlike the Lyric and the 99 Classics, these are opened back and offer detail and soundstage well and above the 99 Classics. I spent a bit of time chatting to the group from Meze. They were all in their 20s or 30s and live and work in the northern part of Romania near the Ukrainian border. I shared my own experience traveling through the Carpathian mountains in southern Romania through forested, fairytale landscapes with uniquely preserved medieval villages. We talked about the incredible medieval organs still extant in Romania and the work they’re doing to preserve these instruments. A passionate group who love music and what they do!

Dynaudio has released their new Active range. The Focus 20, 30 and 50. A no compromise active speaker for those wanting the best of wireless and stereo in a single product.


And of course there are other new products that will make it to our shores and I will be enthusiastically telling everyone about them when I get home. But I think what people really want to hear is, what was the best sounding room!?

Have a look at this

A Swiss company with a 70 year history, Nagra produce some the finest electronics ever made. This set of Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX were paired with 2 sets of Nagra HD Amps worth about £70,000 a pair, their HD pre amp and reference turntable and most particularly their reel to reel recorder. We were played live recordings of performances recorded directly onto the very same device that played it back to us. And it was absolutely mesmerising. Spatial accuracy was astounding and the musical brilliance in every fine detail left me simply saying, ‘wow’.

Special mentions go to the Audio Research and Wilson Benesch room. Again opting to quadruple their Mono Blocks for more power.

And the Kharma Exquisite Grand 3.0. These have a rich musicality and elegance that make them standout in tough company. 

And in addition to the HiFi there’s the people and faces of the brands that make a huge impression. The boys from Fyne Audio seemed always to have a packed room with much laughter and much whiskey. David Gordon from Audio Research owns Papillon dogs as well so he must be a great guy and they have other exciting products in the not distant future too. Acoustic Signature turntables, although not specifically showing at Munich, demonstrate the upmost precision and engineering as well as warmth and hospitality. A separate blog will come on our experience being shown around their factory.

Here’s a picture of Magnus and myself with the two Audio Research representatives from Minnesota.

A wrap for this year at Munich and a small impression of what’s brewing on the horizon in HiFi.