When we saw the way that Sydney was responding to the Delta variant outbreak we knew it was only a matter of time before it leaked to Melbourne.

Speaking to our peer business colleagues in Sydney it was clear they simply were not responding to the outbreak with the degree of seriousness that we have come to take for granted in Victoria.

The Sydney AV stores were open for business, mask wearing was encouraged but not mandated, people were still travelling around the town in an unmitigated fashion. They were "not encouraging people to browse" as their main response. 

I gather this was pretty much the case across all retail and services outside of the mandated suburbs.

For us in Melbourne this seemed like political expediency failing to make the tough decisions required to halt the passage of an implacable virus.

For a small medium enterprise whose business model is based on an impression managed representation of its products to potential clients instore being forced to shut due to pandemic restrictions makes us the walking dead.

During the long lockdown in 2020 we survived by agressively purveying our inventory online and over the phone and also by being able to continue our ongoing construction projects.

My heart goes out to Sydney now that it has been forced to close their worksites. This demonstrates the fundamental failure of their State Government management of their crisis and the local business in our sector is going to pay a very high price for this.

It is clear that our Victorian lockdown is going to be extended beyond the intial five day period.

Needless to say our phone lines and email remain open and we offer contactless delivery et al.

Stay safe and see you soon.