So we suffer many attempts at theft and fraud in Carlton Audio Visual, normally it's the hopeless and desperate shoplifter loitering with intent or the masked man with a crowbar attempting to gain ingress after hours. In recent years the internet credit card criminal has been repeatedly knocking on our doors, we have an online persona called Damien who occasionally engages with the various scams with a view to luring them into some form of personal missappropriation.

Recently we had the pleasure of Melboune CIB joining us on the shop floor as they awaited the arrival of the accomplice to an apparent credit card fraud. The card misuse had been detected by the owner of the card who had then informed the police and they had set up the sting. T

On time at 11 o clock the gentleman arrived to collect his Loewe TV and was duly engaged and interrogated by a very matter of fact young lady and two extremely buff armed men who were clearly determined not to let the hapless TV collector obfuscate or wriggle his way out of an exact explanation.

You do not ever want to get on the wrong side of these officers of the law, when they question an individual they brook nothing but an exact rendition of who what when and where. The individual attempting to collect the TV was literally shaking in his shoes.

A full conclusion of the events awaits the courts of law. The gentlemen with guns left our premises with their now very cooperative TV collection person to make some rendevous in the Northern suburbs where somebody expecting a bonus TV was in for a big surprise. We supplied a weighty 52 inch TV box to fullfill his initial expectation before the full force of the law followed it into his door. The Police were very determined that the perpetrator not escape the long arm of the law ...