The Dolby Atmos room was fired up for the first time this evening.

It was like starting an unsilenced Rolls Royce Merlin engine in the basement flat of an apartment block ...

There have been times in my life with improperly silenced motorcycle engines that I have despoiled my neighbourhood reputation and goodwill by inappropriately running them late at night. The combination of irresistible force and three dimensional delicacy in the eleven channel Krix SX horn loaded speaker system with two massive subwoofers in a six by three room is rather an out of body experience. Combined with the bright stark realism of the Sony three chip projector there is simply no need to be earthbound. The sky calls you and you can closely simulate the overwhelming sensation of a rising rocket or afterburnered fighter plane.

In our claustrophobic Carlton situation, a minor plus point when playing this system to partial potential late at night is that it is not possible to hear the bellicose outraged cries of my immediate neighbours as they run up the lynch pole in the street outside ...

Seriously though this set up is actually a beautiful and moving surround experience. Please come and have a go on it.

The system consists of:

3 x Krix Fanatix horn loaded mains across the front - $1250/unit

4 x Krix Phonix on wall surround speakers - $945/unit

4 x Krix Atmospherix AS in ceiling speakers - $395/unit

2 x mighty Krix Volcanix subwoofers - $2395/unit

The Denon AVR X7200W Japanese built amp - $4999

The Sony VPL300Es 4K projector - $9995