Some of us love big speakers here at CAV. Great hulking monoliths (dual-liths?) that thump out sound like some sort of gift from the thunder gods of audio. Unfortunately, that means that space is a bit of a problem in our already bountiful show rooms. So getting a new range of speakers in is quite commitment, they truly do have to be worth both their floor space and to have a definitive new market place position and sonic character positioning, never mind getting past the gauntlet of our staff’s opinions. We greatly value existing relationships and never lightly unseat a brand from our floor stock inventory to make space for a flashy newcomer. At CAV we have no time for pretty strangers but look for the long term attributes in our brand relations.

The Danish Audiovector range of speakers earned an inventory place as soon as we had a listen to them. The top of the range currently on demo is the Mi3 Signature pair of floorstanders that have been making a great name for them selves with very special crisp and articulate treble (as good as we have ever experienced from a moving coil design) and midrange that creates a stage depth and image that one would swear was coming from musicians in the room with you. The Audiovector Mi3Si completes it’s frequency response with bass as smooth and tight as an Olympic gymnast’s nether regions.

Amazing sound quality aside, these clever Danes are offering an unusual upgrade path for their speakers. Should you buy a set of the Audiovectors and some time later on, decide that you would like something even nicer, you can simply have the internal components upgraded with a minimum of fuss to step your self up to the next level of excellence.