A nice little media snippet from the BBC on modern living, tablette control, and media hubs.

We have been memebers of CEDIA since 1996, this is the Custom Electronic Design Installers Association that provides for accreditation and standards within the Custom install industry. If a company isn't a member of CEDIA then it simply isnt serious about AV and associated system installation.

Since 2004 we have been working with Control4, initially as an audio visual control and increasingly as a whole house control system. It offers the type of two way intuitive user experience that hitherto was the province of the cost no object Crestron and AMX Control and Integration systems. In conjunction with iPhones and iPads Control4 has effectively rewritten the fiscal availability of home automation to middle Australia's doorstep.

Carlton Audio Visual has a primary focus of Audio Visual performance, in this convergence environment this has become inextricably linked to our Control System offer. The awful truth is that the non enthusiast family member can apparently no longer operate the Television and Surround System without the domestic geek in place ... or their electronic touchscreen equivalent. Once we graduated to five speakers and six remote controls in a living room the learning curve required for Mrs Consumer has become too steep a mountain to climb simply to watch Days of our Lives ... once we have installed the nescessary kit for audio visual control being the most complex electronics in the house then it is only a minor step to controlling the Lights HVAC Security Irrigation etc ...

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