A couple of years ago I went bungie jumping. The buzz walking away from the platform after being unwound from the rope was something I knew wouldn't be repeated often. Well, I've just had that same rush after spending the Day at Control 4 headquarters in Salt Lake City.

For those of you who may haven't read Rons eloquent article on custom AV or heard of Control4 along the way, Control4 is a relatively new company specialising in home control. In addition to other abilities like integrated media management and audio serving, Control4 provides simple control of not only AV device but also other aspects of your home. Integration of lighting and security system are all possible alsong with thermostats and motorisation like blinds. Unlike previous solutions however, Control4 does this at an affordable price.

Paul and I spent the day touring the brain centre today and we walked away completely energised by the team. We already liked the product and anyone who has popped by for a demo hopefully saw our enthusiasm. After spending a day in the facility we've came away with a much clearer view of how important this company is going to be.

What impressed us is the way Control4 is bring this level of automation in the reach of everyone. They are very forward thinking with this product, both with future developments and the way the system can scale from simple control to complete automation with distribution.

For a modest outlay, you can implement a very powerful solution for controlling your AV system. If you decide you would like to add lighting control to your theatre, at any time you can very easily add in some of their switches (no wires back to the controller!) and hey presto, lighting control. a few months later we can pop back and implement control of your heating and ventilation. Then later still we can start piping the audio wirelessly around the house. The easy do-it-when-your-ready approach makes this system incredible value for money.

We would like to sincerely thank the entire team for taking the time out of their busy schedules(they are currently recovering from CEDIA...) to show us around. A very special thanks goes to Jay for being our guide extraordinaire, the team at Convergent and Audrey for arranging our trip so well and to all the dealers and trainees we got a chance to spend some time with today.

Sorry for gushing, but I'm really really excited about this system both for new customer or those of you who have already purchased the sytem from us. I feel like I'm still standing on the edge of the platform and the biggest rush is yet to come.