Hitachi have announced that they are closing their Australian CE business as of 19th February 2008 due to losses in the flat panel marketplace. It appears that they have lost $400 million in the last 6 months...after their recent debacle with misrepresentation of screen resoltion we are not surprised.
Bear in mind that they will not be the last Plasma company to pull the plug, we have long known the innate superiority of LCD and this is reflected in the global success and fantastic parent company profitability of our TV range leader being Sharp Aquos. We knew this was a superior viewing medium when we first saw an Aquos 30 inch panel playing digital TV. Since then the plasma industry has launched a barrage of intra industry propaganda designed to convince convince consumers against the evidence of their own senses backed up by legions of commission incentivised hard sellthings ... they are the dark side my children ...