Perhaps because I'm British by background I lack the cultural cringe displayed by Australian dealers to their product made here. Coming from the home of so many good brands of Hi-Fi in Cambridge it is easy for me to recognise the innate quality and value of these terrific Australian products like Ambience, Krix, and Legend. These are not expensive esoteric brands but are affordable and lie alongside the entry level of  tier one imports like B&W and Bose in price point.

I guess its also true that the typical Australian dealer will take the path of least resistance to purvey to the typical Australian consumer. That means that it is easier to make a quick sale on a known and marketed B&W or Bose rather than take the time and effort to demonstrate the superiority of something that the client won't have heard of unless they are a well read enthusiast.

Pictured we have from left to right an Electra Power and Pre Amplifier made by by Arthur Rappos in Hawthorn.

The Redgum I35 Integrated Amplifier made by Ian Robinson.

The Ambience Ribbon Speakers made by Tony Moore in Gippsland.

The Legend Acoustics Kama Loudspeakers made by Dr Rod Crawford from Tasmania.

And the Krix Neuphonix Mk2 Loudspeakers made by Scott Krix in Hackham SA.