We have been thoroughly enamoured of the Monitor Audio Platinum Speakers since they were released in 2009. These top of the range UK loudspeakers are in the class of B&W 800 series or Kef Blades but without the punitive monetary imposition of those brands marketing efforts.

The hallmark of this series has been the integration of state of art moving coil bass drivers with ribbon technology tweeters. The new Platinum II series use a novel pleated MPD tweeter that gives amazing transients with its virtually massless design while still having eight times the area of a dome tweeter.

Often in loudspeakers that combine transducer technologies there is an obvious separation of character by frequency but the Platinum’s’ integrate them seamlessly. So there is a massive “thwack” and depth provided by the hammer like response of the low frequency CCAm/Carbon Fibre bass drivers that is perfectly balanced by the air and space generated by the treble drivers.

Physically the Platinum series is beautiful. That combination of high mass burnished and curved wood finish cabinetry offset by the rich Strathspey leather baffle frontage is a unique aesthetic that also smells good. Often these highly engineered loudspeakers can be intimidating for a home but the Platinums have an Aston Martin aura that complements a nice room and can help swing the important domestic partner permissioning for such an acquisition.

Then there is the Pl500II. Other loudspeakers of this engineering level such as the Dynaudio Evidence can cost in excess of $100,000, so I guess that makes these cheap at $35,000. I love them in an unbridled come-home-with-me-forever type of way that has me playing old records on them at inappropriate times of night. Their physical presence is outstanding but offers a sculptural physical presence that grows on one.

Currently the PL500’s are set up with a PS Audio Pre and Power amplifier and they are wonderful. One can only recommend that you come for an audition.

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