We are doing our beloved Yamaha 5000 series system at the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show ...I've said it before and it sounds like a cliche but this actually is one of the most natural sounding combinations that you can find bar none ... and it's been made that way by the best designers of the largest musical instrument company in the world.

This is very much high end audio without the obvious design eccentricity that characterises so much of that field. In that mischevious tend of the high end there often lies the seed of it's own undoing. There is nothing so unfortunate to a buyers experience of a product that is musically gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing if it turns out to be buggy and unreliable and hard to service.

The Yamaha 5000 series might appear to be retro but in fact it has retained the absolute practicality of the seventies and eighties and is using that as a vessel to make one of the most carefully crafted combinations of high fidelity kit available.

It is a testament to the Lexus like virtues of this 5000 series that we have had buyers who are coming from more expensive and esoteric product with which they have had a gamut of tech issues to purchase this as a blessed relief.

There is a prize for a fortunate person if you visit our room ... an actual first run GT5000 Turntable worth $12,995 ... come to us to get an entry card.