We are pleased to introduce this amazing range of speakers to Carlton Audio Visual. Usher is a departure from our normal range of brands amidst which proliferates Australian and European brands in that it actually is a Taiwanese product, fathered however by one of the actual main men of contemporary loudspeaker design, Joe D'Appolito.

Their construction is simply outstanding, not nesceccarily aesthetically but certainly acoustically, they weigh almost double anything else at their price point and their crossover components had Brett frothing with unrequited desire. When you see the top of the range Dancers...well you will suddenly start thinking as we did that spending $16000 on a loudspeaker makes sound economic sense...

The Dancers offer a quite ruthless exposure of the recording, they can in fact be unkind to an occasional sacred cow (we had a U2 experience with a friend with the Dancers where they shot the recording down in flames...think Gary Powers and SA2s)but with appropriate material they give that breathless insight into the space and time of the music that leaves one gasping for more.