These will be amongst us in Australia in the coming months, deadly black 1080P panels from the worlds best LCD manufacturer that carry the technology of the greater good LC65 into new markets......
The 46inch is destined to replace the established 45 inch lc45g1sys( a fantastic TV)
This comes from the US commentary site C net:
"Sharp has always been a leader in LCD technology, and the company's newest generation of panels has some of the most impressive specs we've seen yet, including a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. That's a laughably high number on paper, but does it translate into better picture quality in the real world? After testing the Sharp LC-46D62U, we can affirm that yes, indeed it does. This 46-inch, 1080p, flat-panel LCD reproduced a deeper color of black--and thus a better contrast ratio--than any non-CRT HDTV we've ever tested, whether plasma, LCD, or rear-projection"
We expect these sets to be very competitively priced, Sharp Australia are suggesting that they will comfortably undercut the equivalently resoluted Sony/Samsung devices when a client gets to the retailers bottom line.

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