Try the Pink Floyd Dark Side SACD via Denon Link It is very good...
Try some different DTS tracks... Brett and I may kill each other over this...

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As an aside, there is no doubt that Denon make some very nice kit. This makes it even more astonishing that they are prepared to risk their credibility and "brand" by trying to pedal overpriced snake oil... I knew I had a point somewhere!
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The Denon Link is an Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) Ethernet cable. Have a look into OSI model for details.

I quote from the above link:
"The data link layer provides the functional and procedural means to transfer data between network entities and to detect and possibly correct errors that may occur in the physical layer."
So checksummed Ethernet Frames are transmitted over this cable and any that arrive at the destination with an incorrect checksum are discarded. If you assume Gigabit transmission speeds, there is plenty of bandwidth to transmit whatever digital video or audio you are interested in even with a proportion of frames being discarded due to bad checksums. "Category 6" is the cable specification required. Adding any more frills is a waste of time and money and is the reason why Denon have been mercilessly but deservedly ridiculed over this overpriced cable.

At the risk of labouring the point, digital is digital. It is either correctly transmitted or not. There is no middle ground. To suggest that one physical layer (Ethernet vs. Coax) is better for digital transmission than another is a furphy. To proclaim the difference as "night and day" only suggests to me that one cable was trialled in the unplugged state.
I consider myself an Audiophile and I have bought speakers there at CAV before.
I am just astonished at the lack of understanding of "digital" amongst HiFi sales people. Please tell me that it's not that you don't understand but that instead it is that you are just doing what you have done for many years, ie. parting wealthy but simple folk from their cash for imperceptible improvements in fidelity.
This search will return some interesting reading re the analogue realm:

2008/7/8 carlton audio visual :

Hi Peter,
In A/B comparisons, in every test Denon link has been found to be inferior to coaxial digital connection.
Even our Denon Rep was amazed at the difference, and Tony Moore, manufacturer of Ambience ribbon speakers did a test and proclaimed it to be night & day. Denon link however is convienient and the cable comes with the DVD players, whereas having good 6RCA connections (for multi channel SACD) isn't cheap!
Brett from CAV.

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I know you guys are fans and stockists of Denon kit there at CAV. Just wondering whether you stock these cables and if so, how much they are? >
My friend has one and says that the difference it makes is amazing. Another of our mutual friends says he is a **********g *****r and that a $10 ethernet cable will do an identical job. What's your opinion?
Cheers, >