My first view of the Phantoms was this triple pack operating en sympacito at Munich in 2015. Even amidst those hallowed halls of half million Euro loudspeakers the Devialet display was packed with consumers and speculative trade inquirers. The bass levels and form factor were an earth moving moment for me and I was immediately in love.

When you activate a Phantom by placing your hand on it the bass pulse transducers on the sides move in and out with an impression of coming to life rather than merely being turned on ...

It's not often that we give floorspace to fancy merchandising stands ... when we saw the Phantom being fully iterated at the Munich Hi Fi Show in May we knew it was going to be a new category audio product.

The first dems were done in a multi function room. After that we gave a pair a room of their own. The low frequency output capability is simply prodigious, in this first demo room which was hitherto a medium high spl surround and stereo dem area a pair of Phantoms was finding room reverberations as though we had a couple of kilowatt plus 18 inch subwoofers going ...

Digital Audio Review on the Phantom with an honourable mention for CAV

Devialet Phantom Official site

Devialet gave rethought acoustic transducer technology with these 16Hz capable spheroidal bass drivers formed from aluminium and carbon fibre and massive reserves of amplification. One should consider this a form of weaponisation of the loudspeaker that will possibly cause the United States to invade France in order to preserve their own failing loudspeaker industry.