A few weeks ago we took delivery of the Epos Epic range of loudspeakers.

Here at Carlton Audio Visual, we have such an enormous inventory of loudspeakers that at first, I walked right by these guys, my simple brain (it's made of chocolate ... Rab) unable to devote itself to listening to another range of speakers.

But then I had a good nights sleep...

Re-energised, refocused and with coffee in hand, I had a listen to the Epic 2's and you know what...? They're really good.

At $1,200 there's some stiff competition. The Monitor Audio RX2's ($1,199), the Sonus Faber Toys ($1,199) and the Dynaudio DM2/7's ($1,199).

Which would I buy...?


They're all so different that I think the ultimate choice would depend a great deal on the amplifier to be matched with.

If your budget can stretch just beyond the $1000 mark then I can highly recommmend the Epics. (or the RX2's)...(or the Toys)...(or the Dyn's)...

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