Here in the store we are regularly asked by customers to price match headphones against ludicruos online and overseas pricing.

This started a few years back with overseas websites selling direct to the Australian market at really low prices. The risks involved with these purchases was high so mostly, people preferred to buy locally.

Next came the grey imports, whereby some locally registered online businesses would import the product directly from overseas themselves rather than going through the Australian supply chain. On the surface, this seems less risky because the seller is in Australia but the problems for the consumer remain...the item has NO local warranty. Is it worth the risk? Personally, I think not but that's just me.

Now there's a new player...THE FAKE.

Why be happy with direct importing when you can import bootlegs even cheaper still..? That's right, the world of online headphones has been flooded with fakes. They look the same, they really do but you know what...they're not. There are a few tell tale signs of a fake but let me tell you, on the outside, they are really good fakes. On the inside..?

They seem very well priced but I guess the old adage of "if it seems to good to be probably is" is appropriate here.

The problem is not isolated to Australia either. Have a read of the same problem hitting the UK...

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There are a few reasons why things are a little more expensive in Australia and they're good reasons. Good reasons to buy local.

1. We buy our stock from a local distrbutor, who arranges and pays for the appropriate local C-tick approvals. The C-tick means the product has been tested to meet Australian standards which are much higher than in other countries.

2. Warranty. Only a local product has a local warranty.

3. We provide in store demonstrations. Yes we will spend as much time as you need us to, talking you through and demonstrating our stock, of which we have a huge range.

Ok if you're looking at $20 in ears, perhaps you don't need to audition them first but if you're planning on spending anything over $80, you'd be mad not to listen to all the options available to you.

We only sell genuine local stock, imported through official channels, with local warranty and we have the expert advice and generousity of time that only a bricks and mortar store can offer.

Besides, I think you'll find our staff terribly handsome (in a rugged, unshaven kind of way).

... Have I bought a locally available product online instead? Yes, guilty. Make of that what you will...