After eight and a half years, today is sadly my final day. I will be returning to university to study my masters and sadly the course is inter-state, so its time for me to bid a sad farewell to Carlton Audio Visual, my home in Melbourne.

To my co-workers, I say thank you. Together we’ve done some amazing work, from helping customers build a sweet little hi-fi to massive multi room and automation jobs. The whole team has done well to put up with me as I know I can be difficult to work with, but hopefully my passion helped us to reach that next level for our customers. I feel privileged to have been part of the team for the past eight years and feel sad I won’t be here for your future triumphs.

To our cohorts within the industry, I say thank you. All of our suppliers and manufacturers have been a pleasure to work with and I have developed close relationships with a number of you over the years. Don’t be sad if I didn’t say goodbye, I’m sure I’ll be pestering you for favours again some day.

And most importantly, to our customers, I say thankyou. Thanks for so many fun days playing music together and experimenting with hifi. Thanks for letting us design solutions to fit your lifestyles. Thanks for letting me into your homes and work on so many wonderful projects.

I leave this business having made some wonderful friendships that I hope to maintain for years to come. Although I’m gone I’ll be keeping in touch with Carlton Audio Visual, so you may yet find me posting on this website, hanging out in store or showing up to pull some cable.

This has been a dream job for many years and I’ll soon realise how good I had it for so long. But I need to move on to new experiences and new challenges, so for now I say goodbye and thank you.

-Troy Merritt