It's not every day that one gets to unpack a $42,000 loudspeaker ... the reverence with which these have been packed and despatched mimics that of the McClaren F1 that is surely their vehicular analogue. They have a shaped leather inner crate for godsakes!

Desmosedici ... paff ... I have never before laid hands on such an immaculate piece of Carbon fibre construction, they absolutely glisten like a live thing in the store ... the contrast of their build nature is all the more striking when viewed alongside the ultra traditional PMC MB2i's that they share one of our upstairs dem rooms in 164 Lygon.

We are initially playing them through either the Musical Fidelity Primo/AMS 50 pre power or the Rega Osiris. To make an appointment to hear these please contact Bowen, Paul, or Rab in the store.

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