Recently I had an emergency call out for a PMC loudspeaker in our region. The event was the local opening of a major facility of this well known international church organisation.

A midrange driver on a PMC IB1 had blown under a wrongly voltaged amp. The opening was that weekend.

I was met by two (Canadian?) techs who exactly knew their stuff in a high end cinema. They had a full multi channel PMC with a rack of Bryston running a Crestron 12 inch touch screen with an acoustically transparent grey screen. I note they had an Oppo Blu Ray player robustly connected with their own software ready to run.

I'm pleased I was able to deliver the midrange in short order as I found out later that Golden Era Productions is the largest single user of PMC Speakers by an enourmous margin. All of their facilities around the world are kitted with PMC.

they have their prophet ..

What better advocacy of a speaker product but that it should be chosen as one most likely to help inspire belief dare one ask?

Golden Era Productions.