There are occasions when the number of motorcycles parked outside the store can make it look like a biker bar.

Perhaps it is the common love of machinery …

Some might say that it is simply boys and toys …

But there is an undeniable common factor of many of our customers who often turn up on two wheels.

I can spot them in store even when they are dressed incognito, it’s a bit like gadar for bikies. There is that characteristic combination of lopsided perambulation, the grizzled look around the eyes, a glimpse of a thousand yard stare, which places someone as a high time motorcyclist.

I don’t find it to be the toys and boys that is the common factor. Actually it’s much more the release from the everyday bonds of ones earthbound state that both good music and a powered two wheeler offer.

Good Hi_Fi and a good motorcycle both offer a short cut to that type of enlightenment and out of body experience otherwise attained by years of meditation or inappropriate narcotics.