Today is the last day of the home show and I must say looking back it has been a really interesting week.  I would like to say hello to everyone we've met at the show for the first time and to all our loyal customers who dropped in as well. For those who haven't made it, I'll give you a bit of a rundown.

We've got more space than we usually do at this home show, in fact we've probably got more display space at Jeff's shed than we do in Carlton at the moment.  But this has allowed us to show off some pretty cool and interesting systems at the show.

On the main stand we have a range of Sharp LCD televisions, which we think are representing the cutting edge of TV tech. We also have a showcase of Denon product, ranging from mini systems through to AV receivers. We've also got the Arcam Solo system and a media centre PC.

In our suite we have our reference system in action, a 7.1 Dynaudio Confidence surround package, being fed by the Arcam AV8/P7 combo.  This is a major system, and even though the room isn't the pinnacle of acoustic design, it sounds pretty amazing, especially with the drum sequence from 'House of Flying Daggers'. We are also running a Mission Elegante Surround package off the excellent Denon AVCA11XV and our old favourite, the Morel Nova system (which now comes with a funky new sub that sounds great!).

Visuals are being handled by a Marantz VP12S4, the Hitachi PJTX-100 and one of my personal favourites, the Sim2 Domino 30H. These projectors are looking great, even though the room isn't as dark as we would like, they have really been turning heads.  Countless people have stopped in and commented how they didn't think you could achieve images that good with a projector.

In suite 2 our esteemed partner, Mr Tony Moore is showcasing his Ambience ribbon speakers. He has a great selection from the range here, including the reference 1600 and 1800 models.  The multi channel setup is spectacular, its being driven by the flagship Denon AVCA1XV, running with two subwoofers it gets the whole roof rattling!

Well I must be off, I have to get down to the show for the final day. If you pop in to the home show today, be sure to come and say hi, we are at stand W01. Or if you're just after some pure hifi thrills, the team is still at the shop for all your listening needs.

P.S. - We've got a long night ahead of us during pack down, so if you are visiting the shop over the next few days, we apologise if we look and talk like zombies.