For me the home shows in Jeff's shed are a biannual purgatory where the company locks me in away from sunlight and beer in this huge hanger like building.
The very nice thing about it is to be able to meet old old and new customers on a level playing field of consumerism.
This time we have the very excellent VAF Soundwall on display along with PMC Wafers and the new Monitor Audio Soundframe on wall speakers.
The Soundwall is a particularly innovative and ingenious product from South Australia. Ben Adams has worked for Vaf in Adelaide and has been consulting on some architectural installations with this speaker system that combines aesthetics with an acoustic room treatment, at a stroke overcoming a number of limitations of conventional transducer design.
The PMC Wafer is an on wall speaker clearly designed to meet the technical wish list of a recording engineer, if our man Cameron were let loose with a CAD wish list to make the perfect architectural transducer then this is what he would have come up with. The Wafers use transmission line technology to d with real LF separation and they have a unique way of adjusting the tweeter output to compensate for positioning and room vagarities.